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News on Circular & Sustainable


A circular and social enterprise

February 4 2022

It is Hul le Kes’ mission to let fashion and textiles contribute to people, environment and society. This isn’t just some mission adopted at random, it is held in our company’s statutes. How we do so, and together with whom can be read in this article.

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Organic processes

January 17 2022

When (a Dutch news outlet) asked about my top reading recommendation, I realised that of time had gone by since I had last written a blog. Let’s talk about operational processes.

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No to Discount, Yes to circularity

November 26 2021

Stop with discount events like Black Friday and acknowledge the true value of materials and labor.

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a most peaceful new era

December 30 2020

What lies ahead of us in 2021

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Renew the system

December 15 2020

On January 15 2021 we will start the year with a very first livestream in collaboration with the Culture.Fashion network.

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Embracing Complexity

September 19 2020

Sebastiaan Kramer about the complexity of our society and a company.

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There is more to circularity part 2/2

July 7 2020

Sebastiaan Kramer writes about alternative ways of management.

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There is more to circularity – Part 1/2

June 29 2020

Sebastiaan kramer writes about circularity

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Homage to the physical

May 26 2020

Our managing direct Sebastiaan Kramer’s first blog about the importance of analogue working.

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Creativity during Corona

April 17 2020

A Q&A with Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer about the current situation.

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