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Rooted in childhood aspirations, Sjaak Hullekes, once drawn to the life of an antiquarian, redirected his path toward fashion design fueled by a deep love for people. Within Hul le Kes, he intertwines his affections for art, antiques, textiles, and humanity. Alongside him, Sebastiaan Kramer, inspired by non-Western cultures, brings innovative strategies to redefine business management, fostering a more inclusive approach to society. Together, they craft Hul le Kes, seamlessly blending aesthetic richness with conscientious commitment to humanity. Explore our artistic vision, delve into our social mission, and discover Hul le Kes’ sustainable ethos—where fashion is a tapestry woven with both humility and sophistication.

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Introducing the Summer Gardening Collection

April 22, 2024

Discover the inspiration behind our latest collection: rusty garden tools! Our ‘Summer Gardening’ line for Spring/Summer 2024 is now available online and in-store. Join us in shaping a more sustainable future by participating in our survey!

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Your old or stained textiles may not look like much anymore, but we might be able to use them. Help us in our work to change the system, help old textiles to gain value again and make your donation in textiles.

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