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Repair Friday

November 20, 2023

Black Friday is only a few days away. We all notice the screaming commercials with discounts on our televisions, social media and radio; and marketeers are working extra hours to get as many products sold as possible. But we like to suggest another, more sustainable, alternative: Repair Friday.

At Hul le Kes we do not like discounting our products in the first place. Why should a product made from scarce materials, by many people in the industry, be discounted at all? The amount of work, love and passion that went into creating the products didn’t become less all of a sudden; and will always be worth an investment. At Hul le Kes you will not find a mid-season sale, no final-season sale or any other discounts which will underestimate the amount of labor and materials that went into a product. Therefore you will not see us joining the craziness of Black Friday at all.

As we do like to work on a circular, alternative, fashion/textiles system; and as we like to do that together with you, we would like to encourage you to use Black Friday as a day to remind yourself your garment (and any other product) can be repaired too. Instead of buying new products, pick your old garments from your closet that need a small or bigger retouch. Extending the lifecycle of your garments, to make a statement towards the fast fashion industry; especially on Black Friday.

Mending or dyeing

With our Recovery Studio we offer three different kinds of Mending Services and two kinds of Dyeing Services. Whenever you have a garment with stains/spots or holes/wear/tears in it; think of one of our Services to be able to wear your garment again. But also other textiles, like your curtains, your table cloths or pillows might need a repair; also for these kinds of items you are able to book one of our services.

How it works

When you have a product that needs a little recovery, then go to our webshop’s Services section. Select your preferred service and possible options; order it and send your product to our Recovery Studio (Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a, 6811 ZN Arnhem, The Netherlands). Note: for some of our services you’ll need the measurements of the spot to be repaired, or the item itself; so make sure you will have a measurement tool with you for the ordering procedure.

Stimulating others

To change Black Friday into a sustainable Repair Friday we need your help. Please spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues and encourage them to join the movement. It could also be an idea to give them a Hul le Kes Gift Card to spend on one of our services. Our gift cards already start with an amount of € 10,-; which will not be enough for a full service, but will encourage them to book a dyeing or mending service of course. It could also be a great gift for the upcoming holidays of course!

Let’s change the system together and turn Black Friday into Repair Friday for all of your products!


Repair Friday to extend your item’s lifecycle
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