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Manufacturing Studio

Hul le Kes
made with care in the Netherlands

All items from the Hul le Kes design collection are made at our own manufacturing studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands. At this studio our regular staff members work together with students and people with a distance to the labour market to create unique and upcycled products. The studio, formerly known as Studio Ryn, was founded by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer in collaboration with Rijn IJssel (the local institute for vocational education).

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locally on small scale

At this studio we work on small scale productions for sustainable fashion brands. Next to small scale productions we make samples, develop patterns and help in the design process. Next to textile products for other sustainable brands we make all our Hul le Kes products within our own Manufacturing Studio. Hul le Kes is an advocate of local manufacturing. In our case this means nearby our material resources and design team to make sure there is no unnecessary traveling or shipment needed. We believe it is important to minimize our footprint by not only producing and sourcing locally, but also by using used or overstock materials for our productions. Furthermore with our own Manufacturing Studio we are able to control the quality of our productions better and only deliver high-quality products that last longer over time. More durable and sustainable over time.

How local manufacturing is part of Hul le Kes?

vocational education (mbo)

The Manufacturing Studio was founded to give extra knowledge to fashion students. That is why our company is accredited for vocational education (in Dutch; mbo). Students that follow their education to become: allround medewerker mode/maatkleding, Specialist mode/maatkleding, Basismedewerker mode, Creatief vakman, Junior Stylist, Junior Productmanager Fashion, Assistant Fashion Tailor, Fashion Designer or Basismedewerker Fashion can all apply for an intensive internship at Studio Ryn. Do you study something else, but would you like to apply for an internship at our Manufacturing Studio, feel free to contact us.

learning and working experience

Next to vocational students we work with people with a distance to the labor market at Hul le Kes. This we do most often together with Scalabor. At the Manufacturing Studio we work with people who already have their experience in the fashion industry, often in their country of origin. This includes people with a refugee background, people who are from the creative industries or are highly skilled in their home-sewing practices. Are you not so familiar with fashion or sewing? Then the Recovery Studio is a perfect place for you to start. Do you have a background in fashion or textiles and would you like to (re)integrate towards employment (at Hul le Kes, or somewhere else), then contact us via the below mentioned contact details.

More information about the Recovery Studio

Empowering tomorrow’s fashion stewards

November 22, 2023

Hul le Kes’ recent session with Weekend School Arnhem empowered kids with sustainable fashion insights, fostering creativity and environmental consciousness.

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for other fashion labels

At our Manufacturing studio we do productions for other fashion brands besides to our Hul le Kes collections. At this moment we are full with orders of clients the whole year through. Therefore we are not able to start up relationships with new clients that easily. Nonetheless you can always ask us, and maybe you are lucky enough to get your place within our Manufacturing Studio.

Do you want to join?

Are you a student in fashion and would you like to join the Hul le Kes Manufacturing Studio for an internship, or do you wish more information? You can contact us via the following contact information.

Studio Ryn / Hul le Kes Manufacturing Studio

p/a FACE Arnhem
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a
6828 ZN Arnhem, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 26 446 33 63
or email the Manufacturing Studio

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