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Social Enterprise

Hul le Kes
for a positive contribution to society

At Hul le Kes we want fashion and textiles to have a positive impact on people, society and environment again. We do so by creating alternatives to the current (fashion) system and by the revaluation of both people and products. The social impact Hul le Kes wants to make is part of our policy and statutes. Our impact is divided into the revaluation of people and the revaluation of products.

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revaluation of people

Fashion and textiles have always been industries full of crafts and craftsmanship. Entire villages would work together in harvesting, spinning, weaving and making clothes. Throughout the years and due to globalization and standardization the social impact of fashion and textiles became industries with a negative impact on society. At Hul le Kes we like to change that and bring the positive effects of the industry back to Western Europe again. We do so by reevaluate the human capital of our society, thinking outside the box and not to see the imperfections within people but their unique characteristics.

Social impact is directly made within our Manufacturing Studio and Recovery Studio. At our Manufacturing Studio we included vocational education and routes for people with a distance to the labor market within our daily business operations. Here we work together with Rijn IJssel (Vocational education institute in Arnhem) and Scalabor (labor development company in Arnhem region). At our Recovery Studio we work with people who suffer from mental or psychological problems, such as depression, social isolation or extreme fear of falling. Here we work together with our stakeholders Driestroom (human caretaking organization) and again Scalabor.

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revaluation of products

As being one of the biggest polluting industries in the world there is no doubt that fashion should change. At Hul le Kes we are working on an alternative, circular, system with much more valuation to our world’s resources. In order to obtain this, the company develops its products all in-house in an alternative way, likes to share knowledge and work together with stakeholders within and outside the industry.

The vast majority of the raw materials Hul le Kes uses are antique, vintage and second-hand. To collect old textiles Hul le Kes works together with 2Switch and Sympany. In a less frequent matter Hul le Kes works together with ReShare Store of the Dutch salvation army. Also more and more individuals are helping us by donating their old blankets, haberdashery and fabrics.

More about our circular way of working

Empowering tomorrow’s fashion stewards

November 22, 2023

Hul le Kes’ recent session with Weekend School Arnhem empowered kids with sustainable fashion insights, fostering creativity and environmental consciousness.

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As a social enterprise Hul le Kes is financially supported by Rabo Foundation and Stichting DOEN. To start up the Recovery Studio Hul le Kes has financially been supported by the city of Arnhem. Next to financial support Hul le Kes is also supported by Deloitte within their scaling social enterprises program.

Supporting Hul le Kes in their social activities is possible in many ways. Donating materials, buying our products, financially or any other way. Would you like to support Hul le Kes? Contact us for more information.

Hul le Kes is a member of Social Enterprise NL.

advisory board

At Hul le Kes we have an advisory board taking care the company reaches its our social goals and keeps following its impact vision. Part of our advisory board are: Ine van Burgsteden, Peter Hobbelen and Adriaan Luteijn. They all have a good knowledge of working with people with a distance to the labor market, all from a different background. Ine van Burgsteden was closely involved with the (social) labor market in Arnhem as an alderman in the city of Arnhem. Peter Hobbelen is entrepreneur and has one of the biggest social enterprises within the Netherlands. Adriaan Luteijn works as a choreographer at Introdans Interaction with dancers from all kinds of social backgrounds.

controlled investment of profit

Hul le Kes’ statutes make sure that financial profits of the company will be used to invest within its own social mission again. Our advisory board controls the company on the wages of all employees and our directors. They also make sure that the profit of the company will be used in the right way. As a social enterprise Hul le Kes claims to have a higher mission, one to make a positive impact on society, and will keep on investing to make the impact bigger every time. That way the financial gain will be well spread throughout the company and its peoples needs and never end-up in the hands of our shareholders and directors only.

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