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frequently asked questions

The Hul le Kes website and webshop can answer most of your questions, but we can imagine you can not find the answer to your question immediately. For that reason we formulated the most common questions below. We hope we you will find the right answer to your question(s) here. The Q&A’s are in alphabetical order and ordered by subject.

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Do you collaborate with other fashion companies?

Yes, we do. Hul le Kes wants to bring change to the fashion industry and our society. We cannot do that alone. We believe that collaboration with other brands, with other companies and with our wearers is the best way to make change. If you want to see some examples of our collaborations you may like to read about our collabs with Gray Label or with Allude.

Why does Hul le Kes collaborate?

Hul le Kes is under no illusion it can change the fashion system all by itself. For that reason we like to collaborate. Working together is also a way to get to understand other paradigms and gain more knowledge on how and why things work. Collaboration is therefore always a working process for us, our collaborative partners and consumers.

Are all collaborative garments also made in the Netherlands?

Our collaborative garments often not entirely. In most cases these products are made somewhere else, and sometimes even for another purpose. It often has had a life already, for example as a rental piece in case of our Gray Label Collaboration. It then comes to us, at our Manufacturing Studio and our Recovery Studio we will then change the garment(s) to give them a new purpose again. This final process is therefore always done in the Netherlands.

Dyeing & color

How are the products dyed?

For our Dyeing Service and most of our products are dyed with natural plant dyes. This means we use ingredients like avocado seeds, onion peels, madder, chestnut and much more to extract our colors from. This is a fully natural process in which we make a boiling ‘soup’ with additives like salt for a better attachment to the fibers. This we do with all our, dyed, upcycled materials. When a garment is dyed with plant (extracts) we always mention it on its product page at our shop. 

We also have a, much smaller, part in our collection of garments made of left-over or dead-stock fabrics. In case this fabric has a color, this dyeing process is not done by us. The same for the vintage blankets we use for our Monet Jackets and Cremer Jackets, these blankets have been dyed centuries ago; not by us. In very few cases we might use reactive dyes, only when we need a specific color which cannot be reached with natural dyeing, when we use these we will always mention this. Reactive dyes are chemical dyes, but without the use of heavy chemicals.

What ingredients do you use to dye the products?

For our natural dyes we use all kinds of products. We collect union peels and avocado seeds at local restaurants to dye with. But we also collect chestnuts, walnuts and gallnuts in nature. Other ingredients are bought, such as campeche wood. And for example our madder comes from the Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem.

How long will the color stay?

The intensity of the color and its fastness have to do with many factors, such as the fiber, the coatings on the fiber, the quality of the fiber and the amount of additives used in the dyeing process. Also every color will be acting differently during time, this is a pure and natural process which cannot (and should not) be controlled. Therefore there is no standard answer to give about the color fastness, it can take months, it can take years for the color to fade. As soon as it will fade we advise you to order a Dyeing Service for your garment to give it (a new) color again. Or dye it yourself, we often give workshops about natural dyeing so you can do it yourself. Would you like to know when such an event will take place?

Why do you use natural (plant) dyes?

We want to give an alternative to the strongly polluting chemical dyes that are used in the industry. These chemicals kill entire ecosystems and are harmful for people working with it, and in some cases even for the wearers. Natural dyes are a way to come towards a natural and circular ecosystem again, and that is what Hul le Kes as a brand strives for.

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Gift Card

Do you have a gift card available?

Yes there is a Hul le Kes gift card available. This is a digital gift card. When purchasing you can either send the gift card directly to the email address of the person you want to give it to, or send it to your own email (first).

Hul le Kes

Who is behind Hul le Kes?

Hul le Kes was founded by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer. Together with a whole team of enthusiasts they work together to create a new paradigm on fashion. Read more about the people behind Hul le Kes, or about the Circular and Sustainable way of working.

What does the name Hul le Kes mean?

Hul le Kes comes from the family name of our co-founder Sjaak Hullekes. His family name is a rare name, even within the Netherlands, and therefore we thought it was a beautiful name to give to this brand. Yet it is often misspelled. We found out by dividing the name into three parts (Hul, le, Kes) it was much easier for people to pronounce and to remember. That is how Hullekes became Hul le Kes.

What is Hul le Kes?

Hul le Kes is a brand that is working on changing the (fashion) system by creating, showing and selling alternative options. Read more about Hul le Kes at the about page, go to this page about our Sustainability mission, read about our Social Enterprise or read our news articles.

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How does made-to-order work?

Made-to-order products are not in stock. These products will be made upon your request, after you have ordered one via our webshop or at Hul le Kes Flagship Store. After you ordered a made-to-order product we will cut and make it in the right size and selected fabric at our Manufacturing Studio. It will be finished at our Recovery Studio and then sent to you. This process will take a maximum of about four weeks. 

Why do you sell made-to-order products?

This way of working avoids overproduction. Especially with these kinds of products, where there is just an extreme limit of material available, it would be a waste of the material and our time to produce them in advance. With our made-to-order service we know it will be made with a purpose (to become yours) and in the right size. Our Cremer Jacket, Monet Bodywarmer and Monet Jacket are examples of made-to-order products.

How long will it take to get my made-to-order item?

After you have ordered it will take approximately four weeks for us to finish your jacket. Then it will be sent to you, how long the shipment will take is depending on the distance. When you order a made-to-order product, to be made out of a fabric from yourself, you have to count the process of four weeks from the moment your fabric comes in at our place in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

I ordered a made-to-order item, to be made from my own fabric, where do I send the fabric to?

Your fabric, for example your old blanket for a Cremer or Monet Jacket can be sent directly to our Manufacturing Studio. The address is: Hul le Kes, Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a, 6828 ZN Arnhem, The Netherlands. Make sure you will provide the fabric with your name and order number. Here you will find more contact details.

Making & Manufacturing

Where are the products made?

All Hul le Kes products are made in Arnhem, the Netherlands, at our own Manufacturing Studio and Recovery Studio.

Who made the products?

Our products are made by an amazing team of employees, students, interns and assistants. Read all about our team here. Within our Manufacturing Studio we closely work together with educational parties like Rijn IJssel. At our Recovery Studio we work with people with a distance to the labor market. Hul le Kes is therefore a so called Social Enterprise.

Do you produce for other brands as well? 

Yes we do make products for other selected and sustainable brands. At this moment our Manufacturing Studio is fully booked, but you can always send us an email to see if we can meet your needs.

How much do you charge for making products at the Manufacturing Studio?

This we cannot say without seeing the product. It all depends on the quantity and quality you require and the difficulty level. At our Manufacturing Studio we therefore always make a sample first to calculate the price.

Do you also make patterns for other fashion brands?

Sometimes patterns for other brands are made by our Manufacturing Studio, but most often the patterns are delivered by the brand itself.

How long will it take to make my garment?

This depends on many factors. Please first send our Manufacturing Studio an email to see if there will be any spare time left in their planning at all.


Where do the fabrics come from?

Hul le Kes likes to use existing fabrics for most of the items. Most of our fabrics are found at recycling centers within the Netherlands, such as Sympany and 2Switch, or at flea markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Another part of our fabrics are dead-stock or left-over fabrics; these we find most often in the Netherlands and Germany. Other fabric or yarns have been donated to us by individuals. A small amount of fabrics (about 5 – 10%) are certified biological fabrics that could come from all around the world.

What kind of fabrics do you use?

We like to work with fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp or wool. This also has to do with our dyeing process, as plant dyes will only work on natural fibers. In high exception it could be that we select a synthetic fabric from a dead-stock. For about 90 – 95% of our fabrics are existing fabrics, not made for us and in most cases with another purpose at first; such as bed linens, tablecloths and more.

Monet & Cremer Jackets

How do I choose a vintage blanket?

First go to one of the jackets in our shop. We have divided the Monet and Cremer Jackets into light colors Monets, light colors Cremer, dark colors Monets and dark colors Cremers. Also the body warmers are divided in light and dark color blankets. This makes the selection of a blanket a little bit easier. When selecting one of the products you can select the drop-down menu to find your favorite blanket, these blankets are in order of color (blues by blues, reds by reds and so on), starting with solid color vintage blankets, ending with florals, checks and other prints. You will find a step-by-step information video on each product page. In case you want to bring your own blanket, please read the answer below.

Can you make a jacket from my own blanket?

Yes we can. When you have a blanket of your own you first order a ‘your own blanket’ Monet Jacket, Monet Bodywarmer or Cremer Jacket. After ordering you can bring us your own blanket or send it to us, click here for the address of our Manufacturing Studio

Can I choose the color of the binding?

We have a standard range of left-over and dead-stock fabrics of which we make the bindings from. Our designers will select a fabric which they think would match the best. In case you have a personal preference, please send us an email directly after you have ordered your Monet or Cremer Jacket. We will then try our best to follow up your request.


Do I always get a clothing passport?

Not all items have a clothing passport. Passports are only given to Hul le Kes garments with a selling price of € 200,- or more. There are no passports included with our collaboration garments and not with our interior garments. The Hul le Kes Services (like Dyeing Services or Mending Services) will not have a passport.

Why does my garment have a passport?

Hul le Kes believes that the emotional value is an underestimated yet very important value. The clothing passport provides the new wearer with information about its age and materials that are used. It is also a diary in which you can write all your memories. Like when you wore the garment, how a tear came in it, when it was repaired, by whom it was repaired and more. Keep the passport along with your garment and it will only gain in value for your children or for any next owner. In case you do no longer wear your garment please give it away to a loved one, including its passport. Or send it back to us, including its passport, this way we can use it, or its material, again for new creations, that way a circular system is build and a new lifecycle started.

I lost my passport, what to do?

Please be more careful next time. It is a small memoir of you and your garment. But in case you lost your passport, contact us and we will have a look in our administration if we can do something for you.


How does pre-order work?

These garments are ordered before they get into production. At each pre-order item you will find a final date for pre-ordering, after that date we will start production, and after that you will receive your garment. This way there is no overproduction, no materials used for no reason and for Hul le Kes there is less risk of investing time and money in something that might not be sold. This way you help the environment and Hul le Kes, and yourself as we always give a discount on pre-order garments. Have a look in our shop, all garments with discounts are pre-order garments; there is no other reason why Hul le Kes would give a discount.

Why should I pre-order?

Because this way you help to stop overproduction. This is better for the environment and helps Hul le Kes by having less risk of investing time and money in something that might not be sold. Besides that you will get a discount on each pre-ordering garment in our shop. Hul le Kes never gives discounts, but because with pre-ordering garments you help us by taking away risks we are glad to be able to give you a little discount. A gesture from your side and ours to help our environment.

Why do you give discounts to pre-order garments?

In our regular pricing there is always a little margin to cover the risks of not selling all garments. But when you pre-order a garment via our shop, this risk is no more. Therefore we like to encourage and thank you for your pre-order. Encourage others to pre-order their Hul le Kes garments too, as it will save materials and help the environment.

How long will it take to get my pre-ordered item?

First you will have to have a look at the date mentioned at each pre-ordering garment. This is the date of when the production will start. You will have to count about 3 weeks after that date for your product to be fully finished. We will always let you know when your pre-ordered garment will be ready as soon as we start the production at our Manufacturing Studio.

Product care

How do I wash Hul le Kes items?

It’s always best for every garment to wash by hand in cold water with natural soap. This will make sure your colors will maintain the best. You can use a washing machine but if you do so, please use natural soap and cold water. It’s better for the environment, and better for your clothes. As we use natural materials it is always good to hang out your garment during foggy evenings, specially with wool garments this will work very well. Wool will ‘clean’ itself during that type of weather. 

How can I get my Hul le Kes item repaired?

You can always use our Mending, Jogakbo or Boro service for tears, holes and wear  in your clothes. Did you just buy your garment and is there anything that should be fixed? Please send us an email so we can see how we can help you.

The color of my Hul le Kes item has faded, what to do?

When your garment has faded you can either dye it yourself with natural dyes or use our Dyeing Service for clothes, or Dyeing Service for interior textiles. When you want to dye it yourself, have a look on the internet for instructions or come to one of our dyeing events. Do you want to know when these events will take place?

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Recovery Studio

How can I apply for the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio?

There are several ways to apply for our Recovery Studio. When living in Arnhem you can contact your ‘wijkcoach’ who will then be able to apply you via Activerend Werk or Driestroom. You can also come to us via ‘UWV’ via Scalabor when living in Arnhem or nearby. Or you can contact us directly by email. We will then figure out with you what is the best way to get working at the Recovery Studio.

Where is the Recovery Studio?

In Arnhem, the Netherlands. Our address is Van Oldenbarenveldtstraat 79a, 6828 ZN Arnhem. In case you would like to visit us, please make an appointment first via email or phone.

Do I need a care indication to apply for the Recovery Studio?

Most people working at the Recovery Studio have a care indication, but it is not always necessary. You may always contact us to see if we can help you or not, send us an email or call us.

Do you work together with health-care professionals?

At our Recovery Studio and Manufacturing Studio we have people working for us that are specialized and qualified in working with people who need extra care. In case we really need extra help we have our partner Driestroom helping us with that.


How do I return my garment?

Please have a look at our Terms & Conditions to read all about our return policy. The address you may send your garment to is: Hul le Kes, Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a, 6828 ZN Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Services & Repairs

How do the services work?

A step-by-step information video can be found on each product page of our services (Dyeing Service for Clothes, Dyeing Service for interior textiles, Mending Service, Boro Service, Jogakbo Service). For all of them the process starts with you having a garment you want to be recovered by Hul le Kes, you will order your preferred service, send your garment to us. We will apply the service as you asked for and within a few weeks send you back your garment; ready for a new lifecycle thanks to the people at our Recovery Studio.

Where do I send my garment to?

After you have ordered your service you may send your garment to: Hul le Kes, Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a, 6828 ZN Arnhem, The Netherlands.

When will I receive back my garment?

We will try to send it back as soon as possible, but please consider all services to take about 3 to 4 weeks of recovery at our Recovery Studio.

Can I say how I want my garment to be recovered?

You may select one of the available options on your service’s product page. This is how far you can ask us on how your garment should be recovered. Much more detailed wishes are not possible, but you can of course always send us an email if you have special requirements. All our services are carried out by our Recovery Studio.

My Hul le Kes garment should be fixed, can you help?

Yes of course we can. It is important to understand what happened to your garment and when it happened. You can always order one of the services (Mending, Dyeing, Jogakbo or Boro) for your garment, no matter if it is a Hul le Kes or not. In case you bought your Hul le Kes garment not too long ago and something broke, please send us an email with pictures. In some cases the repair of your Hul le Kes garment might be free of charge, in other cases you might have to pay a little.

I want shorter sleeves, is that possible?

In case it is a Hul le Kes garment this is, most often, possible at our Manufacturing Studio. Please send us an email to be sure if we can help you. In some cases the adjustment of your Hul le Kes garment might be free of charge, in other cases you might have to pay a little.


Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Ordered for € 150,- or more and living within the European Union? Then your shipment is free of charge.

How do you ship?

Wherever possible our packages will be handled by a bicycle courier or electric vehicles. When your order is ready it will be picked up by our bicycle courier to be shipped to you. This way we take care of the environment as much as possible.

How long will the shipment take?

We cannot say exactly how long a shipment will take. This has to do with multiple factors. When living in the Netherlands it will take up to two days from the moment your order has been picked up. Within Europe about a week, outside Europe is depending on too many factors to give an indication of the time it will take.


How does Hul le Kes sizing work?

To make sure our clothes are fitting all types of genders we developed our own sizing. You can read more about it on our Hul le Kes Sizing page. In case of collaboration items we most often take over the sizing of our collaborative partner. 

How do you measure the sizes?

At some of our Hul le Kes garments you will see some measurements of a garment. These measurements are to indicate how big a particular garment, in a particular size is. Please note that each size will have different measurements. On our Hul le Kes Sizing page you can see how we measured the sizes.

What size would suit me the best?

At first it is all about where you feel comfortable with, but you can have a look in the drop down menu to see the comparable standard European and American sizes. This is also explained on our Hul le Kes Sizing page.

Social Entrepreneurship

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise has a social mission. Most often this social mission is more important than the financial profit for this company. In the case of Hul le Kes this means our finance is there only to help us in achieving our social and environmental missions and targets. Read more about it on the Social Enterprise page.

What is your social mission?

Hul le Kes wants fashion and textiles to have a positive impact on the environment and on our society. We want to showcase the beauty of imperfection within people and products to come to a more sustainable and caring society. On the Social Enterprise and Circularity & Sustainability pages you can read more about it.

Why is Hul le Kes a social enterprise?

Within our company there is a place for people and textiles that do not fit in our standardized economy/society. Hul le Kes believes there is a place for everyone and likes to show a working alternative to the Western society. Read more about our way of working on the Social Enterprise and Circularity & Sustainability pages. Hul le Kes is also a member of Social Enterprise Netherlands.


Where is Hul le Kes sold?

Hul le Kes products are sold via our own webshop, at Hul le Kes Privé in Arnhem The Netherlands and via selected retailers. Find out where Hul le Kes is currently sold via our resellers page.

When is the Hul le Kes Privé store open?

Our private shopping area is only open by appointment. You can make an appointment by emailing us or giving a call (during weekdays only) at +31 (0)26 446 336 3

How do I make a private shopping appointment?

You can make an appointment for a private shopping moment at Hul le Kes Privé by emailing us or giving a call (during weekdays only) at +31 (0)26 446 336 3

Where can I find the Hul le Kes Privé Store?

Our store and event space is located right in the middle of Arnhem’s City Center. At Wezenstraat 5 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Please note that Hul le Kes Privé is located on the first floor, and is unfortunately not accessible for people in wheelchairs or with strollers. Also make sure you have made an appointment before visiting the store, see the answer above for the contact information.

Studio Ryn

What is Studio Ryn?

Studio Ryn is the trade name of our Manufacturing Studio. So Studio Ryn and the Hul le Kes Manufacturing Studio are the same, and therewith both part of Hul le Kes. Studio Ryn was founded by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer in collaboration with the educational organization Rijn IJssel.


How can I support Hul le Kes?

By buying our products and services you will support Hul le Kes in achieving its social and environmental missions. Next to that it is possible to donate us your old textiles, or give us a financial donation. On our website’s page Donate and Support you can find more information. Want another way of supporting us? Have you ever considered a Dyeing Event for your team or group of friends, or a class? We are always open for these kind of ideas, please send us an email for more information.

How can I donate materials?

Best is to send us some pictures by email, from there we will be in contact with you about your donation. Not all materials are suitable for the things we do, but most often when your textiles are of a natural quality, we can work with it. To be sure, please send us an email first.

Who supports Hul le Kes?

We are glad many individuals support us by donating. Nex to that Hul le Kes was helped by setting up the Recovery Studio by the municipality of Arnhem. Vriendenloterij Fonds and Rabo Foundation have been supporting Hul le Kes on multiple occasions. Hul le Kes is also supported, in kind, by Deloitte within their social enterprise program. And not to forget about our voluntary Advisory Board and other volunteers within our organization.


Why is Hul le Kes sustainable?

Hul le Kes tries to be as sustainable as possible. In our case this means we only work with existing materials to make sure to help reduce textile waste. We like to work as much as possible on a local base to reduce transportation, to give an input to local economies/societies and gain more knowledge on a local level again. Thanks to the in-house Manufacturing Studio and Recovery Studio Hul le Kes is able to be a circular business. We are able to repair and recover textiles, from our own brand as well as others; again a way in which Hul le Kes helps to reduce textile waste. Hul le Kes is an advocate of a value driven fashion industry, buying according to someone’s needs and taking care of the planet within a transparent business. Next to the environmental issues Hul le Kes thinks sustainability is about social matters too, that is why Hul le Kes is a Social Enterprise

What are the sustainability standards?

To Hul le Kes this means we want to work with existing materials only, as much as possible with a natural origin only. In case we really need a newly made material we will always buy a certificated biological material. Read more about our sustainable and circular way of working.

Is Hul le Kes a circular business?

Yes, Hul le Kes is a circular business. But to be a circular business we need the help of our wearers. Using the clothing passports and sending us back our products when they are not used anymore is a big part of this collaboration between us and our wearers. Next to that we ask our wearers to send us their products, Hul le Kes or not, to our Dyeing Services (for clothes or interior textiles) and Mending Services (Mending, Boro or Jogakbo Services). Only together can we change the system.


Who designs Hul le Kes garments?

Sjaak Hullekes is Hul le Kes’ creative director. He is responsible for the final designs. But designing to Hul le Kes is a collaborative process, one involving our wearers and whole team of people. At Hul le Kes we do not believe in the old fashion hierarchical way of working.

Who is in your team?

Next to Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer we have a great team of people working at Hul le Kes. Go to our team’s page on this website to meet them all.

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Do you hire interns?

Yes, we do. Hul le Kes hires interns from all different kinds of levels and backgrounds. The company is approved for many ‘mbo’ studies in fashion and the creative industry. Next to that we often have BA and MA students working at our company. Would you like to do your internship at Hul le Kes? Send us an email with your resume and motivation letter.

Are there any vacancies?

Paid employment at Hul le Kes most often only takes place after one has been doing an internship or any other trajectory within the company first (for example at our Recovery Studio or Manufacturing Studio). Because of that we do not often have vacancies for jobs at our company, still you are always welcome to send us an email with your resume and motivation letter.

Can I become a volunteer?

Yes you can. We have volunteers working for our organization and are always happy with their support on many levels. It is another way of supporting our social and environmental missions. Please send us an email with a motivation letter, and if needed a resume. We will then contact you about the possibilities.

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