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Sustainability Month October

October 11, 2023

October has become a month of sustainability with the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week this week, the national Dutch day of sustainability yesterday and the Fibershed Netherlands route by the end of this month. To talk about sustainability and Hul le Kes we’d like to tell you more about our natural dye products, services and event. But also about our use of existing fabrics.

Saturday October 21st Hul le Kes organizes another Dyeing Event. This time our Dyeing Event is part of the Fibershed Route, a sustainable fashion campaign throughout the Netherlands on that same day. Would you like to know more about the Hul le Kes way of Dyeing? Then this is an event for you. Tickets are available online.

The Dyeing Event will take place at the Hul le Kes flagship Store in Arnhem, and starts at 4 p.m. Before that, at 3 p.m., Fibershed will present its book at our store on October 21st.

As per this month we have changed the pricing of our Dyeing Service for interior textiles (made it more affordable). This is a service for your pillows, tablecloths and other interior textiles to be dyed the Hul le Kes way. You can select the color-range you’d prefer, send us your textiles and we’ll start dyeing your products. The same service is available for clothes, you can order a Dyeing Service for clothes here.

More information about our natural dyes in general can be found at the Natural Dyeing page on this website.

Did you know that you can easily find natural dyed garments in our webshop? Simply go to the shop page and select the ‘type’ drop-down menu on the left top corner. There you can then select ‘natural dye’, or any of the other preferences, and your selection is made automatically. Click here to see all natural dyed products in our webshop directly.

This season we dyed many garments with walnut and campeche wood, as the Monet Skirt and Basquiat Overall above. The two together give this stained blue and brown dye, which you can find in many other products online, at the Hul le Kes flagship store and at our resellers.

Job position available at the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio. Together with our partner Driestroom we are looking for a new employee to escort our assistant workers at our Recovery Studio. Are you educated as a healthcare/social worker and do you have great computer skills? Then this job might be something for you! (You will become an employee of Driestroom but will work within the Hul le Kes studio). Apply for this job here.

Are you still studying and looking for an internship? At Hul le Kes we often have internship positions available in many different directions. From tailoring to fashion design, from graphic design to marketing or business management. Would you like to be part of our team during your internship? Send us an email with your CV and other necessary information.

One of the parts of sustainability within Hul le Kes is our upcycling. We have a goal to use as much existing materials as possible and bring them (back) into use within our own circular system. Like our Cremer and Monet Jackets which are made from vintage wool blankets. These thrown away blankets are collected for us, we clean them and often repair them for you to select and make your personal upcycled jacket from.

These jackets come with their own passport and with our mending services you can always order a repair for your jacket (or any other item, even if it’s not from Hul le Kes). That way you can keep on wearing your jacket for a long time. And when you are really done with it; sell/give it to a new wearer including its clothing passport to keep the cycle going. That is one of the ways we like to work on a sustainable future, for more information go to the Circularity and Sustainability page on this website.


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