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June; the busiest time of the year

May 13 2024

June brings bustling energy to Hul le Kes. Amidst unveiling new collections in Florence and Paris, our Arnhem store buzzes with activity. This year, as part of Juni Modemaand Arnhem, we’re showcasing a special project bridging cultures through fashion. Join us for a month of fashion festivities!

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Introducing the Summer Gardening Collection

April 22 2024

Discover the inspiration behind our latest collection: rusty garden tools! Our ‘Summer Gardening’ line for Spring/Summer 2024 is now available online and in-store. Join us in shaping a more sustainable future by participating in our survey!

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Bambù: Dance in Hul le Kes

March 27 2024

Hul le Kes lent their artisanal touch to “Bambù,” crafting costumes that harmonized seamlessly with Mauro Bigonzetti’s visionary choreography for Introdans.

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Fifth Anniversary Presentation in Pictures

March 15 2024

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Five Years Unveiled

February 26 2024

Journey through five remarkable years with Hul le Kes – a story of sustainable fashion, transformative collaborations, and weaving a new narrative.

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Casting Call for Fifth Anniversary

February 19 2024

Join our Open Casting Days in Amsterdam on February 23rd, 2024, and Arnhem on March 2nd, 2024; and seize the chance to become a model for Hul le Kes during our diverse and exciting fifth-anniversary fashion show in mid-March.

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Sjaak Hullekes wins Cultuurprijs Arnhem

January 27 2024

Sjaak Hullekes, Creative Director of Hul le Kes, was honored with the Cultuurprijs Arnhem during Uitnacht Arnhem for his impactful contributions to the city’s cultural scene. The jury praised Hullekes for his distinctive style, innovative approach to fashion, and societal commitment, recognizing his enduring impact on the Dutch fashion landscape.

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Embarking on a Radical Journey of Change: Hul le Kes and the Artistic Revolution

January 19 2024

Hul le Kes pioneers a fashion revolution, infusing garments with artistic spirit. Explore our radical approach, where every piece tells a unique story through our inspired Clothing Passport.

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2023 Reflections & 2024 Anticipations: A Year of Milestones for Hul le Kes

December 30 2023

Reflecting on 2023, Hul le Kes achieved social and environmental milestones, integrating Studio 3, expanding internationally, and opening the Arnhem store. Successful events, collaborations, and education initiatives shaped the year. Looking ahead, 2024 promises international events, new product releases, and continued commitment to inclusivity and sustainability.

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Presenting our Pollock Furoshiki Wraps

December 7 2023

Introducing Hul le Kes’ Pollock Furoshiki Wraps—crafted by artisans at our Recovery Studio, these wraps redefine elegance with a purpose. Handcrafted from post-consumer cotton and dyed with natural pigments, they embrace sustainability and support mental health recovery while elevating your gifting experience.

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