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Week of Circular Economy

February 6, 2023

Today starts the week of the Circular Economy in the Netherlands. A week in which many initiatives show what they already do with circularity in their daily practice. As a circular and social fashion label, we will not miss this opportunity. This Friday we will open our studios to the public during the Open Studio of Hul le Kes.

Open Studio, February 10

During the Open Studio, interested parties can come and take a look at our Recovery Studio and Manufacturing Studio. This may be because you are looking for a workplace (for yourself or someone else) via Scalabor or Activerend Werk, or because you want to know how Hul le Kes works as a circular fashion label. You are most welcome this Friday between 2 and 6 pm at Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a in Arnhem. Register yourself online via this link.


Circular and Sustainable

You can read all about our circular way of working on our website. See the Circularity & Sustainability page for more background information. For example, we almost exclusively use existing materials such as post-consumer waste, post-production waste and deadstock. In addition, we use GOTS certified materials. In order to use as much waste as possible, textiles are repaired by the employees in our Recovery Studio. This textile is processed into new high-quality clothing. Each item of clothing is given a passport and can always be returned by the user when you are done with it. Or let us repair it with one of our Mending Services, or re-dye it with our Dyeing Service.

In this way we process waste from others into new products and introduce them into our own circular system. A system that is about the beauty of imperfection, because in our view circularity is about looking at products differently.

Are you a retailer and would you like to start selling Hul le Kes products in your store? Go to our wholesale page for more information.


Circular projects

Hul le Kes is involved in circular projects. For example, we recently started the Herb to Color (Kruid tot Kleur) project in collaboration with Fibershed NL, Roua Atelier and Wilderland. Within this project we are looking for natural dyes that can be used in a circular chain and at the same time increase biodiversity in the Netherlands.

Soon we will also start our research project from the Creative Industries Fund; Building talent. Within this project we are linked to textile artist Karly Gerharts, alumnus of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Together with her, we will look at how we can reuse even more (raw) materials in our company.

There are also many other projects that we would like to inform you about at another time. Fortunately, the circular economy is not just a week for us, but a way of working that is present throughout our entire company, day in and day out. Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer recently gave a presentation about our circular and social way of working during Heimtextil in Germany. Do you also want Sjaak and/or Sebastiaan as a speaker? Then send us an email

Hul le Kes also gives lessons around circular economy within textiles. Are you a teacher and would you like your class to learn about circularity? Send us an email for more information.


Circular products

All Hul le Kes products are made according to our circular ideals. Whether a product actually becomes circular has everything to do with the wearer of the clothing. Take a look at our Cremer Jackets or Monet Jackets; a perfect way to propagate your social, sustainable and circular principles to others.


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