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What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion means that the clothing is part of a circular system, and is therefore part of a circular economy. Circular fashion (and therefore circular economy as a whole) is about the use/consumption of raw materials and prevents further growth of waste. Circular fashion is therefore a counterpart to the linear economy in which raw materials are used to make new products and are ultimately thrown away and often burned.

biological cycles &
technological cycles

The goal of circular fashion is that textiles/clothing can be continuously reused. This means that fewer new raw materials are needed to make products and the earth does not become exhausted. How clothing becomes circular can be done in different ways. The most important is the distinction made between the biological cycle and the technological cycle. The biological cycle for products is about raw materials returning to nature and contributing to the formation of new raw materials. This can happen at various levels, such as clothing that can be thrown away on the compost heap to become food for crops. The technological cycle is about repair and recycling. Technology therefore enables people to continue to reuse products.

Circular fashion to
Hul le Kes

At Hul le Kes, most of our circular mission is on the technological side of the circular economy. Our repair services and also Dyeing Services are ways to extend the useful life of clothing, and even extend it permanently. Our clothing passport also contributes greatly to the will not to throw away clothing, but to continue to repair it and even transfer it to new generations. If you would like to know more about Hul le Kes’ sustainability goals and circular goals, go to our Circularity & Sustainability page.

How we as Hul le Kes contribute to the biological cycle is still in its infancy. The reason that we only dye with natural materials and that we always prefer 100% natural resources has everything to do with our pursuit of a biological cycle. By using raw materials that can completely blend in with nature, without leaving harmful substances behind, we try to work on a biological cycle. Because Hul le Kes mainly uses existing materials, we are dependent on what industry and consumers have left behind as waste. Our influence on the biological cycle is therefore not very big; but we do our best!

On the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page you will find more answers to common questions. In addition, our website contains answers to questions such as: What is sustainable fashion?, What is a social enterprise?, What is natural dyeing?, What is upcycling?, What is made to order?, What is a clothing passport?, What is dead stock fabric?, What is post-consumer waste?, What is locally made?, What is mending? and What is a designer label?.

This page can also be read in Dutch, German and French. If you would rather read that, click on one of the following titles: Wat is circulaire mode?, Was ist zirkuläre Mode?, Qu’est-ce que la mode circulaire?.

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