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Introducing the Summer Gardening Collection

April 22, 2024

How does your rusty garden tools relate to fashion? Well, in the case of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection by Hul le Kes, they were a major inspiration. The collection, named “Summer Gardening,” was inspired by the moment you prepare the garden for the upcoming seasons. After storing your tools away for winter and bringing them out of the shed again, you have to knock off the dust and rust; getting them ready for the incoming sunshine.

Iron, oxygen, vinegar, and salt together create rust; and we found this principle so interesting that we applied it to textiles for this season. Rusty shades, off-white, and blue tones form the basis for a new season filled with Hul le Kes items. Sometimes, the rust is actually created, while for other items, we selected fabrics (always deadstock or upcycled) that resemble the color and mood.

You can find the first items online and in the Hul le Kes Store, with more to follow soon! Can’t find your item? Feel free to email us because we also enjoy creating your item on demand; it just makes it even more sustainable!

And now that we’re talking about sustainability: We’d like your help to upcycle even more materials! How? By filling out this survey from our intern Lisa, you give us input on how to shape a new collection of accessories. Your help is more than welcome because only together can we change the system!


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