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What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a broad concept. In the broadest sense, sustainable fashion is about clothing and textiles that take the environment and often also working conditions into account. Sustainable fashion can therefore mean that a product is made from recycled material (such as recycled polyester or recycled cotton). It can also mean that the material has been grown organically, or that the working conditions for the people involved in its development have been carefully considered. So there is no clear answer to what sustainable fashion actually means. As a consumer, you will always have to do your own ‘research’ into what sustainability means for the fashion label you buy something from.

Sustainable fashion to Hul le Kes

For Hul le Kes, sustainable fashion is about working on an alternative system. An alternative fashion system that, whether or not in collaboration with the current global fashion system, works to reduce waste of raw materials and increase local production options. What exactly sustainability is for us and how this is reflected in all facets of our company, can be read on our Circularity & Sustainability page. Part of our mission to achieve a sustainable fashion world is through the use of existing materials, with our services to give old clothing a new life and through the use of our clothing passport.

If, after reading our sustainability mission, you still have questions about sustainable fashion from our vision, you can always contact us. On the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page you will find more answers to common questions. In addition, our website contains answers to questions such as: What is circular fashion?, What is a social enterprise?, What is natural dyeing?, What is upcycling?, What is made to order?, What is a clothing passport?, What is dead stock fabric?, What is post-consumer waste?, What is locally made?, What is mending? and What is a designer label?.

This page can also be read in Dutch, German and French. If you would rather read that, click on one of the following titles: Wat is duurzame mode?,  Was ist nachhaltige Mode?, Qu’est-ce que la mode durable?.

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Repair Friday

November 20, 2023

Introducing a sustainable alternative to Black Friday; Repair Friday to extend your item’s lifecycle

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