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The Unique Contributions of Louise and Veerle

June 23, 2023

Within the enchanting fashion house of Hul le Kes, two remarkable women, Louise and Veerle, play a valuable role in realizing the brand’s social mission. Despite each facing their own reasons for temporarily not being able to participate in a regular work routine, they contribute in unique ways to the creative process and community at Hul le Kes.

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Louise, now a skilled craftswoman in the Recovery Studio, is a source of calm and dedication. Even though she only works three hours a week at Hull le Kes, her influence on transforming garments is just as important. One of her tasks involves renovating items people rented from Gray Label that show signs of wear and tear. With her expertise and craftsmanship, she mends these garments at the Recovery Studio, where they undergo a complete upgrade with care and attention. Through delicate hand-stitched embroidery, Louise adds unique details to each piece. Through patching, and repairing, she transforms them into breathtaking designer pieces that captivate the imagination.

For Louise, her work at the Recovery Studio provides solace and personal growth. It allows her to combine her passion for craftsmanship with her love for people, without the pressures of a bustling work environment. She values stability and finds it difficult to bid farewell to people, but at Hul le Kes, she experiences a sense of belonging. Here, she can practice her craft without feeling overwhelmed. If something doesn’t meet her standards, she can simply undo it and start anew. The exceptional and special nature of her work fills her with pride and fulfillment.

Image of Veerle working at a scarf of the Manufacturing Studio

Veerle, an enthusiastic team member at the Recovery Studio of Hul le Kes, has found a space to nurture her creative talents. Although she currently faces personal challenges that prevent her from engaging in a regular work routine, she breathes life into her work at Hul le Kes through her passion for fashion. With her skills and dedication, Veerle works on various projects, including the creation of exquisite scarves. The studio allows her creative spirit to flourish, offering room for imagination and experimentation with new designs.

Aside from her work at Hul le Kes, Veerle frequently graces the theater stage, where she finds inspiration and freely lets her fantasies roam, envisioning garments that ignite the imagination. At the Werkpost, Veerle not only has the opportunity to express her creative talents but also has formed a close-knit community of friends who provide support and make her feel at home.

Louise and Veerle are just as important and extraordinary as any other team member at Hul le Kes. Their valuable contributions are cherished and appreciated. They demonstrate that despite facing personal challenges, their roles are vital and make a significant impact. Hul le Kes recognizes and values the unique talents and perspectives that each individual brings, creating an environment where everyone can contribute their utmost, irrespective of the obstacles they may encounter. It serves as an inspiring example of inclusivity and empowerment within the fashion industry.



Open day Friday 30 June 2023

Come and take a look behind the scenes at the Hul le Kes workshops!
On Friday 30 June we are organizing an open day where the doors of our studios will be wide open from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Do you want to know more about our work or are you curious whether a trajectory at Hul le Kes is something for you? Then sign up to via our website. Admission is free, but we do ask you to register.
You can find us at the following address: Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a, Arnhem.

The Hul le Kes Recovery Studio and Manufacturing Studio have been made possible thanks to the help of Rabo Foundation and Vrienden Loterij Fonds. In addition, Hul le Kes works closely with Rijn IJssel, Scalabor, Driestroom and Activerend Werk to offer both students and people with a distance to the labor market a pleasant learning and working environment.


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