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July 10, 2023

The difference between a regular fashion label and Hul le Kes is our holistic approach to the (fashion) system. It is therewith we have been busy with many special events in the last two weeks, next to selling our clothes at the Hul le Kes Store and via wholesale. This blog will give a little throwback on some of the events that have been taking place at Hul le Kes in the last weeks.

Doen Foundation Event

On June 29 Hul le Kes welcomed the full team of the Doen Foundation in the courtyard of our Manufacturing and Recovery Studio. There they had lunch together and we gave them a personal Dyeing Event, in which we explained the process of our natural dyes. We showed them around in our studio’s and explained about our approach towards the fashion system and our social goals. The Doen Foundation is, together with the Rabo Foundation, a financial supporter for our social activities; therefore we are glad we could show their whole team our way of working and tell them about our social and sustainable mission.

Do you also want to organize a corporate event at our studio? Send us an email for more information. Would you with your company like to sponsor Hul le Kes? Please contact Sebastiaan Kramer for more information about that.

Open Studio

To change the fashion system Hul le Kes believes in a more transparent system, therefore we have been opening our studio for the second time this year. During the Open Studio on July 30 people were able to see our team working at the Recovery and Manufacturing Studios. Many people have been visiting our Open Studio, from followers and supporters to private and corporate clients. Also many people visited us to join one of our social trajectories and internships at one of our studios.

Would you like to join one of our trajectories, via Activerend Werk, Scalabor, Driestroom or in another way? Please contact our Recovery people via email for more information. Would you like to follow an internship at our Manufacturing Studio? Then contact our Manufacturing Studio via email.


Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer go way back when it comes to our collaboration with Rijn IJssel, the vocational education party in the Arnhem region. Together with Rijn IJssel we have started our Manufacturing Studio, previously known as Studio Ryn. Next to that our team, including Sjaak and Sebastiaan themselves, are involved in teaching and as supervisors of the exams. But to wrap up the school year the first year students of Rijn IJssel Fashion came by our studios to get a dyeing and mending workshop in which we talked about sustainable fashion, circularity and taught them the first skills in natural dyeing and mending.

Also other educational organizations have been coming to Hul le Kes in the past school year. Universities, secondary schools, primary schools and vocational education parties have all been coming to Hul le Kes to let us explain about a more sustainable wardrobe and fashion system. Would you like to come by with your class? Contact Sebastiaan Kramer.


Last Thursday we welcomed over 40 people for the Kruid-tot-kleur (Herb-to-color) event at the Hul le Kes Store. With this project Fibershed Nederland, Wilder Land, Roua Atelier and Hul le Kes are researching the possibilities to gain more biodiversity within the Netherlands and more plant-dyes for the fashion industry. This event was organized to share the first outcomes of this research, in which we discussed the possibilities to get this circular project into practise. 

With all these kinds of events we want to show to our own clients and followers, but also to other people from in and outside the fashion industry, how to change the system. Support us by buying Hul le Kes products or in any other way possible for us to grow our holistic approach.

You may buy Hul le Kes garments at the Hul le Kes Store in Arnhem (open from Wednesdays until Saturdays), via our resellers or via our online shop (soon to be updated with many new products). for more information about our projects and products. 


A little reminder to our wholesale customers; our Spring / Summer 2024 collection is now available for Dutch retailers at Showroom 11 in Rotterdam (NL), from July 22 until 24 it is available in Düsseldorf (DE) at Neonyt. Later on it will be available for international retailers again in Paris. For more information about our wholesale visit our wholesale page.


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