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Hul le Kes Store,
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June 10, 2022

Standing on the first floor of this warehouse dating back to 1900, you wouldn’t think yourself to be in Arnhem’s city center. Tucked away in an alley and neighboured by one of our favorite local restaurants, Verheyden, those paying a visit to the Hul le Kes Store have to know what they are looking for.

Friday the 3rd of June, press, family and friends gathered at Wezenstraat 5 for our official opening. It was a moment for Arnhem to welcome a unique, and in our opinion much needed addition to its range of boutiques. To celebrate the skill of local craft and design, to break with the sameness of globalization. For us, it was a moment to thank everyone that has been, and continues to be on this journey with us to change the industry and consumer attitude.

That Friday was a wonderful sunny afternoon. We are proud to have shared that afternoon with those around us and to have seen such enthusiasm for Hul le Kes. We’ve been working towards this moment for a long time, and it still feels a bit pleasantly surreal to see it all coming true.

In just a few weeks, together with our team we managed to remove 80 cubic meters of waste, spent whole days cleaning and restoring this vacant and neglected space, transforming it into the Hul le Kes home it now is. Art works by Scott Van Kampen Wieling and Sjaak decorate our space. Branches we gathered at the Hul le Kes garden now hang from the ceiling, telling our story as well as bearing our garments.

With fast-food chains like Primark, H&M and Zara just around the corner we encourage people to come and experience a different approach to fashion and shopping. We want to give people space, quiet. Hul le Kes doesn’t do gendered sections, no size suggestions, no large quantities.

Take our Pollock trousers for instance, or our Basquiat jackets, both made from century old linen. Each of the linens used in making those garments varies. There is the occasional family embroidery still visible, the hand-repairs done in the past, the varying coarseness of the fabric. It is these qualities that tell a garment’s story, these qualities that you just can’t see and feel on a photograph or online. It is what Hul le Kes stands for, it is this beauty we want people to experience themselves, and now they can.

Hul le Kes’ own collection, and our interior collection is placed alongside items from collaborations with brands such as Gray Label and Allude.

June, a month full of fashion in Arnhem

We have opened our store because of all fashion events during the month of June in Arnhem. Have a look at the website of Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem and State of Fashion for the events taking place during this month in Arnhem.

Our doors are open every Friday (11:00 to 18:00) and Saturday (11:00 to 17:00)

Wezenstraat 5, first floor, Arnhem, The Netherlands


Special event Numero x OPA x FDFA

On June 28th there will be a Numeró NL event at the Hul le Kes Store, one organized together with Ontwerp Platform Arnhem and FDFA. Editor in chief Timotej Letonja will take with designers that are part of FDFA about the values of fashion. Have a look at for more information.


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