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Donated by Yumeko

March 22, 2023

For those who follow Hul le Kes faithfully, it is no secret that we love collaborations that allow us to improve and change the system. We believe that joining forces is the best way to achieve systemic change. We have previously worked together, whether or not on a project basis, with Gray Label, Allude and ReShare. Hul le Kes also works with Sympany and 2Switch where post-consumer material is selected for us and we regularly receive fabrics donated from private individuals.

This week we received a completely different donation of fabrics. Yumeko donated to Hul le Kes their samples, returns and other products to use in our clothing. At Hul le Kes we already work a lot with old bedding and we are of course very happy with a donation like this. The great thing is that Yumeko as a company already has a clear sustainable vision and therefore uses biological materials and cooperates with companies that have the same attention for the environment, people and animals as they do.

From this summer, the first Hul le Kes products made from Yumeko fabrics will appear in our store (on- and offline). You will easily recognize whether your item is made of a former Yumeko fabric; every item made from a Yumeko fabric has a Yumeko stamp in its clothing passport. 

More information about Yumeko can be found in their impact reports.

Hul le Kes is very thankful for this donation and all people and companies that like to support us in our circular and social mission!


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