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Empowering tomorrow’s fashion stewards

November 22, 2023

Last Sunday Hul le Kes gave a transformative session, led by our creative director Sjaak Hullekes, in collaboration with the Weekend School Arnhem; an initiative by the LeukOmTeLeren foundation. This endeavor aimed to empower children aged 10 to 14 years, residing in disadvantaged circumstances, with insights into sustainable fashion.

The workshop wasn’t merely about clothes; it was a gateway to understanding the power of sustainability in the fashion industry. With his expertise Sjaak Hullekes guided these budding minds through the art of mending their own garments, instilling values of resourcefulness, creativity and environmental consciousness in an understandable way.

Beyond the needles and threads, the workshop opened their eyes to the impact of their choices on the planet. Sjaak Hullekes shared invaluable lessons about the life cycle of clothing, inspiring them to embrace a culture where garments are cherished, repaired and treasured for years to come.

This collaboration wasn’t just about sewing skills or getting in touch with study/job opportunities; it was about sowing seeds of awareness and empowerment. Hul le Kes believes in nurturing the future of fashion by fostering a community that values sustainability, creativity and social impact.

Through these workshops, and many other workshops or guest lectures by Hul le Kes, we try to take steps towards a more conscious and empowered generation – one that understands the beauty of sustainable fashion and carries the torch for a greener, more thoughtful tomorrow.

Would you like Hul le Kes to give such a workshop to your students or colleagues? Feel free to contact Sebastiaan Kramer for more information.


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