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Pollock Shorts – Ecological Hemp – Indigo Blue


Both our Pollock Shorts and Pollock Trousers are the base of our collection. Their loose fit makes them elegant, characterful and easy to wear. Due to the gathering and its string the Pollock Shorts will always perfectly fit on the waist and loose fitted around the legs. It has a button fly and stitched-on pockets on the back. Like all our garments, also these are made at our Manufacturing Studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands

Only 2 pieces of these Pollock shorts have been made!

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The Hul le Kes Pollock Shorts are a timeless garment for summer strolls or going to the beach. These shorts are made from an ecological hemp fabric, mixed with organic cotton and dyed with natural Indigo. The gathering and their adjustable string make our Pollock Shorts and Pollock Trousers a great garment for all different kinds of body shapes and genders.

Painting is self-discovery
Jackson Pollock

These shorts are named after the American abstract expressionist painter Paul Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). Pollock used liquid household paint and reached the height of his fame in the late 40’s, his ‘drip period’. He painted by pouring and dripping paint on canvas. Peggy Guggenheim even commissioned Pollock to paint a 2,5 by 6 meter mural in her house. Pollock’s unique way of painting in this period is a big inspiration to the way Hul le Kes uses natural dye.


This garment is made from an ecological hemp/cotton mix fabric, naturally dyed with Indigo Blue. Please note that the Indigo blue will keep on giving off color for a while, so please do not sit on white furniture and wash it with like-colors during the first period.

Only 2 Pollock Shorts have been made from this material!

Fit & Sizing

In the pictures you see Mohammed, Nadia and Roni all wearing size 2 Pollock Shorts.

Mohammed is 185 cm (6 ft 08) tall and often wears a size 46 or 48 and size S. Roni is 172 cm (5 ft 7) tall and wears mostly a size 36 and S. Nadia is the same height as Roni and mostly wears a size 38 and M.

Sizes of the garments shown in the pictures can be found hereunder (see here how these sizes are measured):

More information about the Hul le Kes sizing in general can be found here.


The Pollock Shorts will get their own unique code and a matching Clothing Passport. Make sure to use the passport to create your personal narrative. Read more about our Hul le Kes Clothing Passport here.

Are you done with this shirt? We are always happy to receive old items back, especially if they are provided with their original passport. Or give the jacket, including its passport, to your beloved friend or family member.

But never forget: do not throw away your Hul le Kes garment, no matter how worn out it is!

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