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for people with character

Hul le Kes aims for more equality among people. That we do in the way we manage our business and include all kinds of people within our company, but sizing is also part of that mission. We do not focus on a specific gender when designing our clothes, we like to focus on people with character. As we believe a personal character is much more valuable than a person’s gender or sexuality. You may call it unisex, genderfluid or androgyn, as long as you feel comfortable and powerful in our clothes; that is most important to us.

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Hul le Kes Design collection

For our design collection we developed a unique size chart, one that does not focus on a gender and gives more freedom to you to decide whether you like to wear a more oversized or a fitted garment. New things always need to be explained, that we understand. That is why we made this page for you to find your best size. Here we compare our size chart with the more common size charts to give an indication of the sizing of your prefered garment.

Our design collection has a sizing starting from size 0 for the smallest size, up to size 5 for our biggest size.

Size A
We also have size A garments, this means this garment comes only in one size. An A size garment will be very (fashionably) oversized for the smallest size people and perfectly fitting to most plus size people.

Size 0
EU men ± 46 | EU women ± 36-38 | US men XS | US women S

Size 1
EU men ± 46-48 | EU women ± 38-40 | US men S | US women M

Size 2
EU men ± 48-50 | EU women ± 40-42 | US men M | US women L

Size 3
EU men ± 52 | EU women ± 42-44 | US men L | US women XL

Size 4
EU men ± 54 | EU women ± 44-46 | US men XL | US women XXL

Size 5
EU men ± 56 | EU women ± 46-48 | US men XXL | US women XXXL


On some product pages you will find measurements of one size of the garment. This is how it is measured. Please note; each size will have a different measurement.

A = Centre Back Length
(from top to bottom, on the back side)

B = 1/2 Chest Width
(from left to right just below the armpit)

C = 1/2 Bottom Width
(from left to right at the bottom of the garment)

D = Sleeve Length
(from Centre Back point to end of the Sleeve)

E = 1/2 Waist Width
(from left to right at the waistband of the garment)

F = Side Seam Length
(from top to bottom of the garment)

special requests

Would you like to have shorter sleeves? Are the trousers too long? Would you need another size? Or do you have any other requests about our clothing? Please feel free to contact us. As all of our products are made in-house we can adjust many things. Please be aware that in some cases we need to charge extra costs. If this is the case we will of course talk about it with you first. It is also possible to leave a comment during your ordering process, here you can write down special request to us when it can be considered a small adjustment.

You may contact us by email or by phone (during weekdays only)

We are always open to talk about adjustments

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