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Collaborations / Gray Label

Baby Footies – 1 to 3 months – Anthracite (one-of-a-kind)


This garment is part of the Gray Label x Hul le Kes collection. Dyed with natural ingredients and mended at our Hul le Kes Recovery Studio.

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Towards a better world for our next generation

Hul le Kes

With the collaboration between Hul le Kes and Gray Label RNTD we want to extend the lifecycle of all these little garments that have been rented out. When items show signs of wear or tear they get sent to Hul le Kes. At the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio each garment gets a full upgrade. The items are dyed, patched and mended by hand to become the smallest, one of a kind, designer pieces you have seen.

Quality & Sizing

Each Gray Label item is made of 100% GOTS certificated cotton in Portugal. At Hul le Kes they are treated with natural materials only.

This garment fits a child from 1 to 3 months old. Please note this is the garment’s original size. Due to washing it could be smaller than it used to be. We advise you to buy a bigger size than you would normally do to make sure your child will fit the garment.


Wash at 30°C without heavy chemicals or aggressive lotion.

As only natural colors have been used one must be aware that the colors will indeed fade after a while. When this happens you are able to dye to yourself again, or use our Dyeing Service to again extend the lifespan of your garment.

Next to our Dyeing Service we also offer Mending Services, here we can fix all bits of wear that might appear. Both services are there also for all other garments you have in house and are not limited to Hul le Kes garments only.

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