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Pollock Furoshiki Wrap M – Upcycled bedding – Pink


Medium size, multipurpose and reusable wrap for sustainable gift wrapping and more.

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Hul le Kes’ Pollock Furoshiki Wraps encapsulate sustainable luxury and represent a conscious choice towards a greener future. Each wrap is made at the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio from post-consumer bedding and dyed with natural dyes.

This Wrap is 75 x 75 cm, 100% upcycled and dyed with madder. Note that every wrap is unique, colors will be different due to all handwork and the use of post-consumer bedding waste. Also our plain color wraps have stains and will never be fully equal in color. We like this and see this as the beauty of imperfection.

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese art of fabric wrapping. Beyond gift wrapping, they transform into stylish scarves, tote bags, or even decorative elements in your home, embodying sustainability in every fold.


This item is made from post-consumer waste (100% Cotton Bedding). And dyed by hand with plant based dyes; read more about Natural Dyeing here.

The color will eventually fade, to preserve the color as long as possible we advise you to wash the item in cold water by hand, using only natural soaps (or no soap at all).

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