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Frank Pillow – Upcycled – Red Stripe 45×45 cm


The Frank Pillows are partly made at our Recovery Studio (all hand needle work), and partly at our Manufacturing Studio (all machine work). In our series of Frank Pillows you will find several sizes to fit your personal needs, or beautiful to combine on your bed, couch or chair. 

The Vintage Wool blanket parts that are used are left over parts from our Monet & Cremer Jackets. The Antique Linen parts are leftovers from our Hul le Kes jackets or coats. At Hul le Kes we do not like to spill our fabrics, so we use as much as we can from each material we use

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The Hul le Kes Frank Pillow series is one made out of leftovers from our Vintage Blankets in combination with Antique Linens from France. This combination of upcycling and using leftovers makes it a very sustainable product for your home. Each pillow comes with a filling from recycled down.

Due to all the handwork on each pillow you will never find an identical pillow. Each has the same feel, is made of the same kind of materials, but always looks a bit different. Just like we humans do. The hours of handwork by our Recovery Studio people is what gives extra character to each pillow.

Throw out and keep throwing out. Elegance means elimination
Jean-Michel Frank

The interiors designed by Jewish French designer Jean-Michel Frank (1895 – 1941) were famous for their minimalism and neutral use of color. Frank however, never had any formal training in design. He became a designer somewhat by accident. His focus on high quality and minimalism is something that inspires us not just in the Hul le Kes collection but in our home as well.

Quality & Size

This item is made of 100% Vintage Wool in combination with 100% Antique Linen. Its filling is 100% recycled down.

The pillow is 45 cm x 45 cm (17 ²³/₃₂ in x 17 ²³/₃₂ in)


Wash at 30°C in the wool program. Iron on Linen position for the linen parts, do not iron the wool part. Do not use bleach. 

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