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Within our company there is a place for people and textiles that do not fit in our standardized economy/society. Hul le Kes believes there is a place for everyone and likes to show a working alternative to the Western society. Read more about our way of working on the Social Enterprise and Circularity & Sustainability pages. Hul le Kes is also a member of Social Enterprise Netherlands.

Hul le Kes wants fashion and textiles to have a positive impact on the environment and on our society. We want to showcase the beauty of imperfection within people and products to come to a more sustainable and caring society. On the Social Enterprise and Circularity & Sustainability pages you can read more about it.

A social enterprise has a social mission. Most often this social mission is more important than the financial profit for this company. In the case of Hul le Kes this means our finance is there only to help us in achieving our social and environmental missions and targets. Read more about it on the Social Enterprise page.

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