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Please be more careful next time. It is a small memoir of you and your garment. But in case you lost your passport, contact us and we will have a look in our administration if we can do something for you.

Hul le Kes believes that the emotional value is an underestimated yet very important value. The clothing passport provides the new wearer with information about its age and materials that are used. It is also a diary in which you can write all your memories. Like when you wore the garment, how a tear came in it, when it was repaired, by whom it was repaired and more. Keep the passport along with your garment and it will only gain in value for your children or for any next owner. In case you do no longer wear your garment please give it away to a loved one, including its passport. Or send it back to us, including its passport, this way we can use it, or its material, again for new creations, that way a circular system is build and a new lifecycle started.

Not all items have a clothing passport. Passports are only given to Hul le Kes garments with a selling price of € 200,- or more. There are no passports included with our collaboration garments and not with our interior garments. The Hul le Kes Services (like Dyeing Services or Mending Services) will not have a passport.

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