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We like to work with fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp or wool. This also has to do with our dyeing process, as plant dyes will only work on natural fibers. In high exception it could be that we select a synthetic fabric from a dead-stock. For about 90 – 95% of our fabrics are existing fabrics, not made for us and in most cases with another purpose at first; such as bed linens, tablecloths and more.

Hul le Kes likes to use existing fabrics for most of the items. Most of our fabrics are found at recycling centers within the Netherlands, such as Sympany and 2Switch, or at flea markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Another part of our fabrics are dead-stock or left-over fabrics; these we find most often in the Netherlands and Germany. Other fabric or yarns have been donated to us by individuals. A small amount of fabrics (about 5 – 10%) are certified biological fabrics that could come from all around the world.

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