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The intensity of the color and its fastness have to do with many factors, such as the fiber, the coatings on the fiber, the quality of the fiber and the amount of additives used in the dyeing process. Also every color will be acting differently during time, this is a pure and natural process which cannot (and should not) be controlled. Therefore there is no standard answer to give about the color fastness, it can take months, it can take years for the color to fade. As soon as it will fade we advise you to order a Dyeing Service for your garment to give it (a new) color again. Or dye it yourself, we often give workshops about natural dyeing so you can do it yourself. Would you like to know when such an event will take place? Then subscribe yourself to our newsletter.

For our natural dyes we use all kinds of products. We collect union peels and avocado seeds at local restaurants to dye with. But we also collect chestnuts, walnuts and gallnuts in nature. Other ingredients are bought, such as campeche wood. And for example our madder comes from the Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem.

For our Dyeing Service and most of our products are dyed with natural plant dyes. This means we use ingredients like avocado seeds, onion peels, madder, chestnut and much more to extract our colors from. This is a fully natural process in which we make a boiling ‘soup’ with additives like salt for a better attachment to the fibers. This we do with all our, dyed, upcycled materials. When a garment is dyed with plant (extracts) we always mention it on its product page at our shop.

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