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expanding our social activities

December 21, 2022

Hul le Kes will increase its social mission as per January 1st, 2023, and will offer 30 extra places for people who are, temporarily or permanently, unable to follow the standards of our society. On Friday February 10th, 2023, Hul le Kes will organize an Open Studio.

To Hul le Kes its social and environmental mission starts by acknowledging and working with the beauty of imperfections within people ánd textiles. At the Manufacturing Studio and Recovery Studio Hul le Kes is therewith working on social regeneration and a sustainable, circular, fashion system. As per January 1st the Hul le Kes studios will be accompanied by all people from the social workshop ‘Studio 3’ by Driestroom. About 30 people will join the current Hul le Kes team and help on tasks within the company’s Manufacturing Studio and Recovery Studio.

Hul le Kes Recovery Studio

The Hul le Kes Recovery Studio opened in October 2021 and is a recovery place for both people and textiles. Here post-consumer textiles are repaired by hand which brings a therapeutic effect for people with mental or psychological problems. The Recovery Studio focuses on people with an isolated social network, people with extreme stress, burn-outs, depressions or fear of failure. The studio gives them a daily rhythm, a positive contribution to society, purpose in their lives and brings social contacts. At the same time they help reduce textile waste and repair (Hul le Kes) clothing to extend the clothes’ lifecycles. More about the Recovery Studio in English, or in Dutch.


Hul le Kes Manufacturing Studio

The Manufacturing Studio, also known as Studio Ryn, was founded a couple of years ago by Hul le Kes and Rijn IJssel college. Here students get in close contact with sustainability and the making process of fashion garments. They work together with our team of professionals and a growing number of people with a distance to the labor market, most of them refugees with a great amount of working experience in the fashion industry in their country of origin. At Hul le Kes they are able to speak the Dutch language, work mentality and get social contacts. More about the Manufacturing Studio in English, or in Dutch.


Accompanied by Studio 3

As per January 1st, 2023, both studios will be accompanied by people from the social workingplace ‘Studio 3’. Studio 3 is part of healthcare organization Driestroom and was, up till now, located at another place in Arnhem. As per 2023 the Studio will move in with Hul le Kes and change its official name into ‘Werkpost Hul le Kes’. The activities of all 30 people will be divided over both the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio and the Hul le Kes Manufacturing Studio. 

By merging Studio 3 with the Hul le Kes studios Hul le Kes will from now on also offer places for people with mild intellectual disabilities within the company. The merge will also bring more development opportunities for all the people with a distance to the labor market within the whole company.


Open Studio February 10th 2023

The Hul le Kes Studios will organize an Open Studio on Friday February 10th, 2023. Between 2 pm and 6 pm Hul le Kes will open the doors of its studios for all interested parties. Curious if a program at Hul le Kes is right for you, or do you just want to take a look behind the scenes at Hul le Kes? Then sign up for the Open Studio here. Entrance is free, but registration is required. Address: Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a, Arnhem.

For its social mission Hul le Kes is working together with our stakeholders Scalabor, Driestroom, Activerend Werk and many different municipalities.


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