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Our Educational Programs

March 16, 2022

At Hul le Kes we like to change the system in a most holistic way, meaning we also like to involve education in the things we do. Last Sunday we did so by giving a workshop about mending and repairing your own clothes for the ‘weekend school’ by ‘Leukomteleren’. But in much more aspects of our daily business education takes part. To give you some examples we wrote down some of our recent educational programs. Interested in our educational programs? Contact Sebastiaan Kramer for more information (contact information can be found below).

Secondary Vocational Education (Mbo)

Since the very beginning our manufacturing studio has been working together with the local institute for secondary vocational education; Rijn IJssel. The manufacturing studio was set up not only to get the manufacturing of clothes back to the Netherlands again, but also to gain knowledge about manufacturing within the country again and to educate students. With Rijn IJssel we do special programs, we give lessons about menswear and we help their final year students with their graduation collection.

Next to that we have many interns at our studio which gain knowledge about the making of clothes at our studio. These students come from all over the Netherlands, but also from for example Germany or Norway.

High School and Lower education

Last Sunday we did a workshop about mending and repairing your own clothes. That is something we have done more often with children, because we believe you are never too young to start thinking about sustainability. Of course these workshops are at another level than when we teach the vocational students, but not less important. In the past these techniques where a basic in the education for children in the Netherlands, and we believe they should be again. Because knowledge about a fabric, about how a garment is made is a necessity to make the right choices when buying a new garment.

University Students

Next to that we also give lectures to university students. In the past year we have been giving guest lectures to students at Radboud University, Wageningen University, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, ArtEZ University of the Arts and HAN University of Applied Sciences. Here we talk about new approaches to management and our current system. Sometimes more from a fashion perspective, but often in a general way to show alternatives and to talk about a circular economy.

Are you interested in one of our educational programs? Then send Sebastiaan Kramer an email so we can see what options are available for your institute or school.


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