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artistic vision

designed with love for
texture, ageing & emotion

As a child Hul le Kes’ creative director, Sjaak Hullekes, wanted to become an antiquarian or art restorer. It was the connection between fashion and people that got his attention towards studying fashion design. Within Hul le Kes his love for antiques, art, people, nature and fashion are combined. On this page you will be able to read more about our artistic vision.

At Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt

January 11, 2023

Hul le Kes can be seen until Friday 13th of January in Frankfurt at the Heimtextil Messe in Frankfurt.

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new values

When working in fashion for a couple of years Sjaak Hullekes realized this wasn’t the way he wanted to continue his career. He came to the conclusion that the fashion industry was not all about the joy of making people happy, but one driven by financial gain only. Sjaak took a step back to find out a way of creating fashion that would be all about the emotional value of happiness in our lives. At that moment he rediscovered his passion for materials, antiques, art, artists, nature and caretaking. The first steps towards the fashion brand we now know as Hul le Kes were put into action…

With Hul le Kes Sjaak wanted to create a fashion label that would add values to clothes as we know from art and antiques. Emotional values that make one want to inherit a certain piece of art or product; values that made imperfections of ageing became something to care for rather than to feel ashamed about. A fashion brand that would be about caretaking; about its love for people, about its love for materials and environment. To combine these values is easier said than done in our modern society; but Sjaak, together with his partner Sebastiaan Kramer, have been strongly committed to make this possible within Hul le Kes.

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