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Hul le Kes and the Transformative Tapestry of Fashion, Caretaking, and Enduring Values

Conceived by the discerning minds of Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer, Hul le Kes stands as a testament to their profound realization during their tenure in the fashion industry. Disenchanted by a landscape solely driven by financial gains, they embarked on a transformative journey to recalibrate the purpose of fashion—one rooted in the genuine joy of bringing happiness to people’s lives. A reflective pause led them to rediscover an abiding passion for materials, antiques, art, nature, and the art of caretaking.

Embarking on a Radical Journey of Change: Hul le Kes and the Artistic Revolution

Hul le Kes pioneers a fashion revolution, infusing garments with artistic spirit. Explore our radical approach, where every piece tells a unique story through our inspired Clothing Passport. Read more about this subject here.


Hul le Kes emerged not merely as a fashion label but as an embodiment of their commitment to infusing fashion with enduring values, reminiscent of the intrinsic worth found in art and antiques. This vision transcends transient trends, seeking to imbue each garment with a profound emotional richness—an intimate connection that mirrors the inheritance of a cherished artwork. Central to the ethos of the brand is the profound notion of ‘the beauty of imperfection,’ where flaws metamorphose into virtues to be revered rather than concealed.

This fashion label is a manifestation of caretaking, reflective of a deep-seated love for people, materials, and the environment. Beyond the realm of fashion, Hul le Kes stands as a celebration of imperfections, an ode to enduring values that elevate each garment into a timeless piece. It embodies a narrative of sophistication and humility, weaving a tapestry that transcends the ordinary—a profound emotional journey, shared by both creators and wearers alike. Hul le Kes thus stands not only as a brand but as an embodiment of transformative values, a beacon in the evolving landscape of fashion.

Bambù: Dance in Hul le Kes

March 27, 2024

Hul le Kes lent their artisanal touch to “Bambù,” crafting costumes that harmonized seamlessly with Mauro Bigonzetti’s visionary choreography for Introdans.

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Hul le Kes is not just a fashion label but an embodiment of transformative values. The Hul le Kes Manufacturing Studio and Hul le Kes Recovery Studio stand as pillars of in-house production and circularity. Natural dyeing and mending services extend the lifecycles of textiles, showcasing a commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

The narrative of the Beauty of Imperfection extends beyond fashion, reflecting the believe in more equality in our world, for people, materials and environment. Hul le Kes is a manifestation of caretaking, where imperfections are not concealed but revered.

The profound emotional journey shared by creators and wearers alike is woven into the narrative of sophistication and humility; coming back in; for example the Clothing Passport. Hul le Kes stands as a beacon in the evolving landscape of fashion, embodying a holistic approach to change, not just within the industry but in society as a whole. As a transformative force, Hul le Kes invites us to reconsider the values we attach to clothing, embracing imperfections and weaving a timeless narrative into every garment.

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