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Embarking on a Radical Journey of Change: Hul le Kes and the Artistic Revolution

January 19, 2024

In the realm of fashion, where trends often overshadow values, Hul le Kes emerges as a beacon of transformative change, striving to reshape the industry into a sustainable and socially responsible force. Our vision extends beyond fashion; it encompasses a peaceful revolution, a profound shift in how we perceive gender, color, raw materials, garments, and the fashion system as a whole.

At the heart of our radical approach is the belief that to instigate meaningful change, one must embrace a holistic transformation of the entire system. We reject the notion of superficial solutions like opting for organic cotton or adopting a mere social enterprise model. True change demands a departure from the conventional, a radical departure from the norm.

Drawing inspiration from artists who themselves brought about radical shifts in the arts, we name each of our garments after individuals who left an indelible mark on their respective fields. Frida Kahlo, Auguste Rodin, Henri Matisse, Igor Stravinsky, Jean Cocteau, Jackson Pollock, Nina Simone, Josephine Baker, Peggy Guggenheim, Gertrude Stein, Charley Toorop, Georges Braque, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jan Cremer, Bart van der Leck, and many others—all were trailblazers in their own right, challenging norms and inspiring positive revolutions.

The avant-gardistic background of these artists reveals their commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring unconventional avenues. Their collective impact on the arts serves as a testament to the power of alternative expressions and the profound change that can stem from individual authenticity. By aligning ourselves with these pioneers, we pay homage to their transformative spirits.

Moreover, our choice to name our styles after these artists signifies our belief in collaboration as the key to impactful change. These artists demonstrated that working together, showcasing alternatives, and staying true to oneself can catalyze positive revolutions. In their collaborative efforts, they revealed the potency of a collective mindset in making a lasting impact.

To emphasize our commitment to collaboration, Hul le Kes actively seeks partnerships with other artists, artisans, players in fashion, recycling centers, and various organizations. We believe that by joining forces, we amplify our capacity for meaningful change.

Our mission extends beyond fashion aesthetics; it is a dedication to making a positive impact and instigating a paradigm shift. This commitment resonates within our team, which includes not just the Hul le Kes creators, but also our wearers, stakeholders, and sponsors. Together, we form a united front, working towards a shared goal of transformative change.

Inspired by the art world and the emotional values attached to pieces of art and furniture, we introduce the Hul le Kes Clothing Passport. Similar to certificates accompanying art purchases, the Clothing Passport serves as more than a mere certificate; it doubles as a diary, allowing wearers to document the journey of their garment, and therewith their personal journey. This unique approach helps preserve and enhance the emotional and economic value of each piece, bridging the gap between fashion and the art of storytelling.

We aspire to restore the importance of clothing, not solely as a utilitarian product but also as a visual masterpiece with a rich history. The Hul le Kes Clothing Passport becomes a conduit for narratives, turning garments into cherished artifacts with stories to tell.

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and be part of the positive revolution.

Pictures: Main picture – detail of painting by Jan Cremer. Portraits of: Frida Kahlo & Henri Matisse, Jean Cocteau & Nina Simone, Getrude Stein & Auguste Renoir, Jean-Michel Basquiat & Charley Toorop, Constantin Brâncuși & Josephine Baker, Claude Monet & Gustav Klimt, Peggy Guggenheim & Jackson Pollock.


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