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Monet & Cremer Jackets from Upcycled Wool

October 21, 2023

In preparation for the upcoming season of our upcycled jackets, we’ve dedicated the month October to reorganize our warehouse, brimming with vintage wool blankets. Our goal is to ensure fresh, high-quality materials for your made-to-order jackets. Did you know that each upcycled jackets is meticulously crafted at our own Manufacturing Studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands?

Jackets with a story to tell

At Hul le Kes, our commitment to sustainability begins with the materials we use. Both the Cremer Jacket and Monet Jacket are crafted from vintage blankets that we either discover through our recycling partners or are generously donated by individuals tidying up their family homes, often belonging to grandparents or parents. These blankets serve as the canvas for our Cremer and Monet Jackets, as well as our other creations, like the Frank Pillows.


The Perfect Fit for Everyone

The beauty of our Cremer and Monet Jackets lies in their versatile fit. They share a slightly boxy silhouette that’s equally appealing to both men and women. This design ensures comfort and style for all.


Distinguishing Features

The primary difference between the two jackets lies in their distinct features:

Cremer Jacket: This jacket boasts a classic collar and a higher front closure, giving it an elegant and formal look. Ideal for those looking for a refined outerwear option.

Monet Jacket: In contrast, the Monet Jacket is collarless and offers a cardigan-style closure. This unique design makes it a versatile piece that can be worn as an undercoat or as a comfortable choice for relaxing at home or during those crisp late-evening moments on your veranda.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless sophistication of the Cremer Jacket or the cozy, laid-back feel of the Monet Jacket, your choice will reflect your individual style and preferences. Whichever you choose, you’re not only acquiring a jacket but a piece of history and a step towards sustainable fashion.

Explore the unique character of the Cremer and Monet Jackets by Hul le Kes and embark on a journey that combines artistry, sustainability, and your distinctive taste.

How it works

  1. First decide if you want a Cremer Jacket or a Monet Jacket in our shop.
  2. Select your preferred blanket and garment size
  3. Order your jacket (make sure to provide us with all your contact details during the ordering process)
  4. We will contact you to make sure all is implemented correctly
  5. We will start making your jacket
  6. after ± 4 weeks you can expect your jacket being shipped to you, you’ll receive your personal, upcycled, jacket

Cremer Jacket – Tartans; here you’ll find all different kinds of tartan check blankets that we have available for Cremer Jackets.

Cremer Jacket – Green Tones; a beautiful selection of vintage wool blankets in divers green tones and greenish prints.

Cremer Jacket – Blue Tones; find all blue blankets suitable for Cremer Jackets here, and order your personal made to order jacket.

Cremer Jacket – Pink Tones; would you like a pink Cremer Jacket? Here you’ll find all pinkish blankets suitable for a Cremer Jacket.

Cremer Jacket – Orange Tones; a broad range of orange blankets, from pale orange till bright orange.

Monet Jacket – Yellow Tones; all yellow toned blankets with prints, checks or solid colors, for your Monet Jacket.

Monet Jacket – Blue Tones; all different tones of blue vintage blankets for Monet Jackets.

Monet Jacket – Brown & Sand Tones; are you more of a natural tone person? Here you’ll find our sand, cream, camel, and brown blankets. 

Monet Jacket – Tartans; if you like it classic, then these tartan check blankets are for you!

Monet Jacket – Pink Tones; all shades of pink for a beautiful and warm Monet Jacket.

Monet Jacket – Geometrics; are you a person who likes abstract prints? Then check these blankets out.

Your own blanket?

Did you think that was all? Then you are mistaken because you can also send us your all time favorite or childhood blanket and we make a your personal Cremer or Monet Jacket with it.

Hul le Kes Cremer and Monet Jackets in the media

Dutch actor Chris Zegers was wearing his Cremer Jacket on Dutch national television during his trip to Glasgow for ‘3 op reis.’ Additionally, this month you might have seen our Monet Jacket featured in the Dutch ‘Happinez’ magazine or ‘Konfekt’ magazine. Do you already own an upcycled Hul le Kes jacket? If so, please share it with us on Instagram by tagging @hul_le_kes.



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