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Presenting our Pollock Furoshiki Wraps

December 7, 2023

This festive season, Hul le Kes unveils the exquisite Pollock Furoshiki Wraps, a sustainable reimagining of gift wrapping. Meticulously crafted from post-consumer cotton bedding fabrics by the skilled artisans of the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio, these wraps epitomize purposeful elegance.

What makes these wraps special is not just their eco-conscious creation process but the story behind them. Handcrafted by individuals working at our Recovery Studio, these artisans are not only recovering old textiles but also recovering themselves from mental challenges such as depression, burn-outs, and stress.

All wraps are dyed with natural pigments extracted from onion, madder, and Campeche wood, these wraps boast enchanting, earthy hues while minimizing ecological footprints.

The Pollock Furoshiki wraps are available in four sizes—25 x 25 cm (as a two pack), 45 x 45 cm, 75 x 75 cm, and 105 x 105 cm—these versatile wraps cater to gifts of various shapes and sizes. More than just an eco-friendly substitute for traditional wrapping paper, they encapsulate the essence of Furoshiki—an ancient Japanese fabric wrapping art.

These wraps transcend seasonal festivities, serving multiple roles as scarves, tote bags, or decorative elements, ensuring sustainability with every fold and tie.

Enhance your gift-giving experience this season with Hul le Kes’ Pollock Furoshiki Wraps. Each wrap exudes sophistication while embodying the values of sustainability and mindful consumption.

Join us in embracing this eco-conscious gifting trend. Choose the Pollock Furoshiki Wraps by Hul le Kes—a timeless blend of sustainability and style, redefining the essence of gift-giving.


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