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Opening the Recovery Studio

October 6, 2021

We’re extremely happy to announce that as of yesterday, October 5th, our Recovery Studio opened its doors. This is a big step for us as a brand. Hul le Kes was founded to make a difference, to prove that a holistic, sustainable and inclusive way of fashion is not only possible, but infinitely more rewarding.


Since the start, we’ve been doing our part combat the existing practices within fashion that are exhausting the planet. Using leftover fabric, natural dyes, upcycling garments and textiles that would otherwise be thrown out – all the things you already know Hul le Kes by.

In a burn-out, lonely, isolated or in a depression? Do you want to join our Recovery Studio? Apply here.

A step further

Our Recovery Studio lets us go a step further.  Sustainability isn’t just about resources, it’s about human beings too. Since its inception, contributing to that side of the coin has been on the Hul le Kes radar. Now it’s there. The Recovery Studio is here to help those in our community that have been exhausted by society. We’re finally able to offer a place to people who need a breather from the stress of modern perfectionism. Be it due to a burn-out, depression, cognitive problems – anyone in need of a slow, safe working space is welcome. (text continues under pictures)

Situated in our atelier in Arnhem, the Recovery Studio is a place where people can work by hand to mend textiles that would otherwise be discarded. The Studio turns these textiles into unique garments by dyeing them naturally, patching holes, sewing tears.
At the same time, it lets those that come here have a place in a community again, have a chance to interact socially again, to work on something with their hands, to contribute to a circular way of fashion. Our ReShared line, Hul le Kes repairs, our Dyeing service, you name it. In all these things the Studio will have a hand.

At our Recovery Studio there is none of the stress that comes with the demands of perfection in our society. There’s plenty of guidance, and no deadlines – things are done at people’s own pace.

Most of us at Hul le Kes can’t wait for clothing to tear, wear, fade – just to repair it again. Once you see the beauty and creativity in imperfection it becomes a joyful part of life. A visibly mended garment has a charm that’s there because it is so human. A charm that’s seen only through its imperfection.

Watch the item about the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio by Omroep Gelderland above.

All photos by Barbara Kerkhof


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