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Introducing the Guggenheim Coat

November 16, 2023

In a world dominated by fast fashion and environmental concerns, we like to emerge as a breath of fresh air, providing an alternative that aligns with our changing values and environment. Carefully curated garments are exclusively available at selected shops, our webshop, and our Hul le Kes Store.

At Hul le Kes, we challenge conventional sales systems by offering many of our products as made-to-order items, allowing for a personalized and intentional approach to fashion consumption. Over 95% of our materials are repurposed, contributing to a sustainable and circular fashion ecosystem.

Hul le Kes Guggenheim Coat
A Timeless Statement

The Guggenheim Coat, the latest addition to our collection, exemplifies timeless elegance and sustainable fashion. Crafted from vintage blankets with a rich history, the coat features a stylish shawl collar and a metal-spelled closure, creating a classic and dependable wardrobe staple. Perfect for autumn and winter, the wool from upcycled blankets provides both warmth and insulation.

The coat pays homage to Marguerite “Peggy” Guggenheim, a patron of modern art known for her support of influential artists in the 20th century. Sjaak Hullekes admires Guggenheim’s contributions to the art world, and this garment is named in her honor.

The new Guggenheim Coat is extending our collection of made-to-order, upcycled, jackets and coats. Our Monet Jackets and Cremer Jackets are regularly ordered garments in our webshop. People like Jennifer Hoffman, Chris Zegers, Yvette van Boven, Hannah Verboom, Tekla Reuten and others all have their own Monet or Cremer Jacket already. For those preferring a longer coat we now come with the Guggenheim Coat.

Quality Craftsmanship

The Guggenheim Coat is made from 100% wool vintage blankets, carefully sourced through our recycling partners and generous donations. The coat’s bindings are crafted from dead-stock ribbed fabrics, and the unlined design reflects our commitment to sustainability.

Our Manufacturing Studio ensures that only the finest parts of vintage blankets are used, and any necessary repairs are made in our Recovery Studio, allowing us to maximize the upcycling of materials.

Made to Order

As with many of our products, the Guggenheim Coat is made to order, providing a unique and personalized experience for each customer:

Fit & Sizing

The Guggenheim Coat is designed with a slightly comfortable oversized fit and extra-long sleeves, offering versatility for all genders. The coat is available in sizes 0, 2, and 4.

Passport & Packaging

Each Guggenheim Coat comes with its own unique code and a matching Clothing Passport. Use the passport to document and create your personal narrative. When you’re ready to part with the coat, return it to Hul le Kes, ensuring it’s accompanied by its original passport. Alternatively, gift the garment, complete with its passport, to a loved one. Remember, never discard your Hul le Kes garment – let its story live on.


Sustainability meets Timeless Style
Join Hul le Kes in redefining fashion with the Guggenheim Coat


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