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Jogakbo Service

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Jogakbo is a traditional Korean way of patchwork. Hul le Kes uses this technique to replace a part of a garment. Wear, a tear, hole or stain will be removed from your garment and replaced by another piece of fabric. This creates a visible repair, fully hand stitched and giving your item a new look. Like the other visible mendings and our dyeing service also this service will represent your love for the garment and the environment. The Jogakbo Service is a recovery which will show the beauty of a garment and its imperfections to the fullest.

This repair is all done by hand at the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio. The newly inserted piece of fabric comes from cutting waste from our Manufacturing Studio. Please select your preference in the fabric and yarn we will use. You can choose from a tone on tone repair or a contrasting repair. The exact color will depend on what we have available at the studio.

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“Everything changes, even stone”

Claude Monet

The Jogakbo Service is meant for medium to large and visible repairs (maximum of 900 square meters) in your textile product. In case you have a smaller tear or hole (less than 9 square centimeters) in your item we advise you to choose either our Mending Service or our Boro Service; these repairing techniques are much more suitable for very small surfaces.

For this service we can work with your garment made from any kind of fabric, such as jerseys, wovens (from denim to light weight) and regular knit fabrics. All kinds of fabric qualities and colors are workable to us. We only do not accept heavy knit sweaters. Not sure if your sweater is a heavy or regular knit? Send us a picture of your garment first.

How it works

  1. you have an item you love, but can not use anymore because of stains, wear, tears, holes or whatsoever
  2. you order a Jogakbo Service via this page
  3. you will send us your item (see tab: send your item)
  4. when arrived we will give your item a unique mending code
  5. we will mend your garment
  6. we will send it back to you
  7. you have a renewed garment and extended its lifecycle

Send your item

After ordering your Jogakbo Service(s), please send your item(s) to:

Hul le Kes
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a
6828 ZN Arnhem, The Netherlands

Make sure to provide a small note with your name and order number, so we will know the item is yours. Also make sure we can actually find the place we need to replace.

Mending Process

Each garment will be repaired at the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio, all by hand and visible. We are a proponent of showing the aging of garments. It is all about the beauty of imperfections, the beauty of needlework and your love for the garment. As part of consumerism people tend to forget about the fact you can repair a garment and extend its life cycle. The Hul le Kes Services will help you towards a more sustainable wardrobe in many ways.

Back to you

You will receive back your item 3 to 4 weeks after we have received your garment. This will depend on the type of item, how busy our studio is at that moment and on where you live. Please make sure to supply us with all your contact information. When ordering any of our Services you will already pay for the transport back to you.

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