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Yes, Hul le Kes is a circular business. But to be a circular business we need the help of our wearers. Using the clothing passports and sending us back our products when they are not used anymore is a big part of this collaboration between us and our wearers. Next to that we ask our wearers to send us their products, Hul le Kes or not, to our Dyeing Services (for clothes or interior textiles) and Mending Services (Mending, Boro or Jogakbo Services). Only together can we change the system.

To Hul le Kes this means we want to work with existing materials only, as much as possible with a natural origin only. In case we really need a newly made material we will always buy a certificated biological material. Read more about our sustainable and circular way of working.

Hul le Kes tries to be as sustainable as possible. In our case this means we only work with existing materials to make sure to help reduce textile waste. We like to work as much as possible on a local base to reduce transportation, to give an input to local economies/societies and gain more knowledge on a local level again. Thanks to the in-house Manufacturing Studio and Recovery Studio Hul le Kes is able to be a circular business. We are able to repair and recover textiles, from our own brand as well as others; again a way in which Hul le Kes helps to reduce textile waste. Hul le Kes is an advocate of a value driven fashion industry, buying according to someone’s needs and taking care of the planet within a transparent business. Next to the environmental issues Hul le Kes thinks sustainability is about social matters too, that is why Hul le Kes is a Social Enterprise.

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