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When your garment has faded you can either dye it yourself with natural dyes or use our Dyeing Service for clothes, or Dyeing Service for interior textiles. When you want to dye it yourself, have a look on the internet for instructions or come to one of our dyeing events. Do you want to know when these events will take place? Subscribe yourself to our newsletter.

You can always use our Mending, Jogakbo or Boro service for tears, holes and wear in your clothes. Did you just buy your garment and is there anything that should be fixed? Please send us an email so we can see how we can help you.

It’s always best for every garment to wash by hand in cold water with natural soap. This will make sure your colors will maintain the best. You can use a washing machine but if you do so, please use natural soap and cold water. It’s better for the environment, and better for your clothes. As we use natural materials it is always good to hang out your garment during foggy evenings, specially with wool garments this will work very well. Wool will ‘clean’ itself during that type of weather.

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