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December 23, 2021

We thought it would be time for a new product series; upcycled ánd made from leftovers at the same time. Interior is like fashion for your home and at least as important for one to feel good about. That is why we introduce to you our series of pillow cases. For now we introduce to you the Leck Pillows and the Frank Pillows. In 2022 more different kinds of styles will be added.

Both types of pillows are made from upcycled materials up front and dead-stock fabrics on the back. They are made at our manufacturing studio in Arnhem and different kinds of hand stitchings have been applied by our Hul le Kes Recovery Studio staff members.

The Leck styles have been named after the Dutch artist Bart van der Leck (1876 – 1958), one of the people involved in the art magazine ‘De Stijl’. In his work he used simplified shapes; kind of like Piet Mondriaan did. That is why we thought his name would fit these pillows made of Antique French Linens up front. Each pillow looks different as it is made from different leftover antique linens. Also each pillow got hand stitched by someone else, so you will see the personal touch of each Recovery staff member. For now the Leck Pillows only come in one size.

The Frank style group is a bit bigger in terms of sizes and varieties. These pillows have also been made with antique french linen up front, but this time combined with vintage wool blanket leftovers. They are the same kinds of blankets we make our Monet Jackets and Monet Bodywarmers from. When a blanket is not suited for a jacket, because of its size, we use it for our pillows. Or we use the cutting material after we made a Monet Jacket from a blanket for example. Also these styles have a personal touch from our Recovery staff members because of their hand stitchings. And the name? They are named after Jean-Michel Frank (1895 – 1941), a famous minimalist interior designer and uncle of Anne Frank.

For more interior options please go to our Interior shop on our website. Have yourself a most sustainable and sophisticated interior!


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