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No to Discount, Yes to circularity

November 26, 2021

Stop with discount events like Black Friday and acknowledge the true value of materials and labor. At Hul le Kes we believe in a circular economy, in a collaborative society; discount should not be part of that. Coincidence or not; today we got several donations from like minded people. Investing together in a better future.


No Black Friday

The true value of (raw) materials, of labor, human rights, our environment and the future of this planet is not one to be discounted. At Hul le Kes we believe that discount events such as Black Friday are of no good to anyone or anything in the world. That’s why we do not have any discount, never. Just a fair price that makes it possible for us to be good to people and the environment.

Changing the system means you have to do things differently. One of the problems of the current system is its profit margins; profit to only the top managers and shareholders in fact. Discounted products might look like a bargain, but take with them a huge shady side. That is because a good and fair product has a price. Lowering the price, in any way, will affect the people who made the product (no, not its managers and shareholders), it will affect the environment due to cheap chemicals used in every step of the process, it will hurt animals and therewith affect our personal future.

We believe in a feature that is about true love, true prices, true values and true investments. By offering circular products we want to invest in a long term relationship with our customers, our products and employees. That is why we would like to advise to buy a Hul le Kes because you like the product and its story. A story that we can only create with likeminded people; and thanks to our clothing passport and Hul le Kes Recovery Studio.


Donate Friday instead

It might be a coincidence, but on Black Friday, we got offered again so many nice materials. We are so glad that more and more people find their way to Hul le Kes to donate textiles with a story to them. Today we got donated about 20 tents; new and never used but missing their poles and therefore not usable as tents. We will probably make rain coats out of it, but the actual design process starts when we get a new material in our hands. So keep a close eye on our socials to see the final products we made out of these tents.

A client of ours donated vintage wool blankets that had belonged to her mother. She would like a Monet Jacket made out of one, as a sweet memory, and donate the others for other people. Other blankets are also offered to us by people or collected by our local recycling partner 2 Switch. After some cleaning they are used by us to make Monet Jackets and Monet Bodywarmers from.

And tomorrow our landlord will come to donate materials for the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio to use. His mother in law passed away. She was a very talented bobbin lacemaker. All her materials are now donated to our Recovery Studio to be used to mend discarded textiles, to give it a truthful future again.

Today we also visited one of the main textile recycling companies in the Netherlands for a future collaboration. So many kilos of textile and clothing are produced and left behind as if they are not worth anything. Again, due to the big and profit making fashion industry… At Hul le Kes we feel it as our responsibility to use all of these resources for our company. To bring the materials and garments back into our society and bring them into a circular economy. Our future economy.



Would you like to see and buy more Hul le Kes? Then visit our webshop, or one of our retailers and exhibitions we take part in. Just a little list of must sees:

Humanoid Shop in Arnhem; In this beautiful shop in a former church you will find unique Hul le Kes garments.

Fashion For Good in Amsterdam; here you will find two outfits we made and dyed with micro organisms in collaboration with KBCols Sciences. An alternative way of dyeing fabrics; natural but lasting longer than plant dyes as we use in our other garments. At Fashion For Good you will also find a selection of Hul le Kes and Hul le Kes ReShared items for sale.

ABCND Store in Amsterdam; In this shop full with Dutch fashion design in Amsterdam-Noord you will find a selection of unique and outspoken Hul le Kes garments.

Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg; At this museum you will be able to see two jackets we made for the exhibition RE_USED RE_SATIN. An exhibition about the heritage and the future of fashion. Hul le Kes made two jackets from recycled yarns, woven and made in a way inspired by the way it was done in the 18th century.

ReShare Store in Rotterdam; here you will find a great selection of Hul le Kes ReShared products.

Fashionclash in Maastricht; here our managing director Sebastiaan Kramer will be part of the Fashion Talks livestream. Talking about the Culture.Fashion network together with Iris Ruisch from M-Ode.


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