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New: our Cremer Jacket

January 23, 2022

Our Monet Jacket is a type of jacket that is easy to wear, both as a coat and a undercoat. Many people understood about that principle. Yet on the other hand we got many requests for a Monet Jacket with collar. As we think making products should be about a collaboration between makers, designers and wearers we came up with a new design. Our Cremer Jacket!

We now introduce you our Cremer Jacket, family to our Monet Jacket but with a collar made out of deadstock fabric. The fabric of its collar is always matching the binding to give it a sophisticated look. The jacket is named after Jan Cremer, a well known Dutch artist.

Just like with the Monet Jacket also the Cremer Jacket is available in upcycled vintage wool blankets, divided into ‘Dark colors’ and ‘Pastel colors’. It also has the same option to send us your own blanket. Besides these vintage variations it is now available in two deadstock options: a moss green and an anthracite/brown option. Have a look at all variations below. By clicking the images you will directly go to the right product page.

New sizes

And then there is another thing we changed upon request: our sizing. We have added a size 0 (matching small sizes for both men and women) and a size 5 (matching bigger sizes for both men and women). Have a look at our Monet Jackets and Cremer Jackets for the up to date sizing.


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