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Monet & Cremer Jacket fitting day

October 14, 2022

Hul le Kes is part of the Fibershed Nederland network. Fibershed is an international chain director towards a local and sustainable fashion system. On Saturday October 22nd you will find all kinds of activities throughout the Netherlands of companies within the Fibershed Nederland Network. Including our Hul le Kes Monet & Cremer Jacket fitting day at Hul le Kes Privé in Arnhem.

Our upcycled Monet Jackets, Monet Bodywarmers and Cremer Jackets have been developed to extend the life cycles of vintage wool blankets. The first Monet Jacket was introduced almost two years ago and since that moment Hul le Kes has been improving its design and ordering system. Each of these jackets are made-to-order, meaning we only make them as soon as someone selected a blanket and ordered a jacket.

People often ask us if they can fit one of the jackets first and that is why Hul le Kes will take the opportunity of the Fibershed Route to organize a special Monet & Cremer jacket fitting day. During this day you can fit jackets to find the right size, select a blanket (or bring your own) to make sure you order exactly what you want. 


Hul le Kes Privé will be open from 12.00 – 17.00 on Saturday October 22nd. Of course you can also come to see any of the other items we have in store, or pre-order a garment from our upcoming collection. Come by, we will have the gluhwein ready for you.

address: Wezenstraat 5, Arnhem, The Netherlands


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