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Introducing Monet Kids

February 11, 2022

After introducing our upcycled Cremer Jacket about one month ago we now introduce to you our upcycled Monet Bodywarmer for kids!

On January 23 we introduced to you our Cremer Jacket. After many requests for a Monet Jacket with collar we developed our Cremer Jacket. But now we come with a new kind of product, one made out of the left-over pieces from our Upcycled Cremer and Monet Jackets. Bodywarmers for toddlers!

They are almost identical to the adult Monet Bodywarmer, but with a more kids-friendly closure ánd an extra loop to attach your child’s pacifier. As said they are made from left-over pieces we get when cutting the Vintage Blankets for adults.

The nice thing is that it also makes sure you can order a Monet or Cremer Jacket in a Vintage Blanket you’d like, and then also order a Monet Kids made from the same blanket. A perfect matching Mother/Father and Child! If you like to order a matching pair please first find a jacket for yourself; add it to the basket. Then go to the Monet Kids, select ‘Matching Yours’ when selecting a color; add that too to your basket. And complete your order, at our studio we then know both items should be made in the Vintage Blanket you have selected for your own jacket.


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