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Hul le Kes Pop-up Store

May 18, 2022

At the start of the State of Fashion Biennale and the annual Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem Hul le Kes will open the doors of what will become the very first physical Hul le Kes Store. Open every Friday and Saturday until July 2 and by appointment.

June is a month full of fashion events in Arnhem, specially about sustainable and cultural fashion events. As we believe in physical shopping (although we also have a different view on that compared to most fashion brands) it has been high on our wishlist to open an actual store. This will come true, at first as a pop-up and later on, on the same location, as a permanent store.

Our store is based in a former metal workshop right in the city center of Arnhem. Next to the main street in a very cute and forgotten yet beautiful alley. With our store we want to change peoples point of view on shopping. It is not based on the ground floor, but on the first floor, not really visible for the outside world. We like to keep it private, yet accessible for all for people with true intrest in sustainable fashion and our work.

Hul le Kes brands

In our pop-up shop we will sell items from our main Hul le Kes collection and from all collaborations we have done since we started our business. Just like our brand also our shop does not focus on any gender, but on you; people with character.


Hul le Kes pop-up store | Wezenstraat 5, 1st floor – Arnhem (unfortunately the pop-up store is only accessible by stairs, it is therefor not possible to get wheelchairs and strollers into the store for now)


Wezenstraat is right in the middle of the city center, about 5 minutes walk from Arnhem Central Station. When you will visit Arnhem by car, we would like to advise you to park your car at one of the parking garages around the city center (for example at Arnhem Central Station). The Wezenstraat itself is in the middle of a pedestrian area.

What more to do

Visit the websites of Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem and State of Fashion for a full program during the month. Museum Arnhem has just been opened after years of renovation and building. Collectie de Groen is a nice private museum to visit. For a lunch go to First Eet or Verheyden. Verheyden is also in the Wezenstraat and perfect for a nice diner too. And there is much more to do in June in Arnhem.


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