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Free shipment from € 150,- (NL)

First you will have to have a look at the date mentioned at each pre-ordering garment. This is the date of when the production will start. You will have to count about 3 weeks after that date for your product to be fully finished. We will always let you know when your pre-ordered garment will be ready as soon as we start the production at our Manufacturing Studio.

In our regular pricing there is always a little margin to cover the risks of not selling all garments. But when you pre-order a garment via our shop, this risk is no more. Therefore we like to encourage and thank you for your pre-order. Encourage others to pre-order their Hul le Kes garments too, as it will save materials and help the environment.

These garments are ordered before they get into production. At each pre-order item you will find a final date for pre-ordering, after that date we will start production, and after that you will receive your garment. This way there is no overproduction, no materials used for no reason and for Hul le Kes there is less risk of investing time and money in something that might not be sold. This way you help the environment and Hul le Kes, and yourself as we always give a discount on pre-order garments. Have a look in our shop, all garments with discounts are pre-order garments; there is no other reason why Hul le Kes would give a discount.

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