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We have a standard range of left-over and dead-stock fabrics of which we make the bindings from. Our designers will select a fabric which they think would match the best. In case you have a personal preference, please send us an email directly after you have ordered your Monet or Cremer Jacket. We will then try our best to follow up your request.

Yes we can. When you have a blanket of your own you first order a ‘your own blanket’ Monet Jacket, Monet Bodywarmer or Cremer Jacket. After ordering you can bring us your own blanket or send it to us, click here for the address of our Manufacturing Studio.

First go to one of the jackets in our shop. We have divided the Monet and Cremer Jackets into light colors Monets, light colors Cremer, dark colors Monets and dark colors Cremers. Also the body warmers are divided in light and dark color blankets. This makes the selection of a blanket a little bit easier. When selecting one of the products you can select the drop-down menu to find your favorite blanket, these blankets are in order of color (blues by blues, reds by reds and so on), starting with solid color vintage blankets, ending with florals, checks and other prints. You will find a step-by-step information video on each product page. In case you want to bring your own blanket, please read the answer below.

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