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Our collaborative garments often not entirely. In most cases these products are made somewhere else, and sometimes even for another purpose. It often has had a life already, for example as a rental piece in case of our Gray Label Collaboration. It then comes to us, at our Manufacturing Studio and our Recovery Studio we will then change the garment(s) to give them a new purpose again. This final process is therefore always done in the Netherlands.

Hul le Kes is under no illusion it can change the fashion system all by itself. For that reason we like to collaborate. Working together is also a way to get to understand other paradigms and gain more knowledge on how and why things work. Collaboration is therefore always a working process for us, our collaborative partners and consumers.

Yes, we do. Hul le Kes wants to bring change to the fashion industry and our society. We cannot do that alone. We believe that collaboration with other brands, with other companies and with our wearers is the best way to make change. If you want to see some examples of our collaborations you may like to read about our collabs with Gray Label or with Allude.

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