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Hul le Kes for Zeeuws Museum

November 26, 2020

Almost a year ago the Zeeuws Museum asked us to join their research project on a specific kind of mens jacket from the 18th century. Last month the first preview was given during the online edition of Dutch Design Week. By next year you will be able to see the Hul le Kes interpretation of these jackets at the Museum in Middelburg, the Netherlands.

When we arrived for the first time at the archives of the museum in Middelburg Karina Leijnse, curator at Zeeuws Museum, showed us the most amazing and colorful, plant dyed, mens jackets. The jackets had all been made from a most colorful damask wool fabric. Karina had already started the research on the origins of this fabric. Together with textile engineer Remi Veldhoven she traced the fabric back to its place of origin; Norwich (Great Britain). They visited the old mills and reinvented the fabric in the Netherlands, now made from recycled post-consumer yarn by Wolkat. The new fabric was woven by EE Labels on its original width, only about 54 centimeters.

At Hul le Kes we were asked to design a modern variation to the 18th century mens jacket from Zeeland. Have a look at the video to see the final result. When you want to know all about the fabric, the jackets and everything around it then follow us for an update when the exhibition will start.


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