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Duncan Laurence at Eurovision Song Contest

May 28, 2021

Duncan Laurence and Hul le Kes in 2019 turned out to be such a good combination that, as most of you probably noticed, Hul le Kes dressed Duncan twice again this year at Eurovision.

Hul le Kes was able to dress Duncan Laurence for both his performances during the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam (and many more times in the last two years).

There’s a lot that goes into designing a custom order.
Apart from the usual considerations of functionality, comfort and fabric, for Duncan we had to take into account the set design, its colours, the lighting – the way an outfit looks in silhouette, and of course, him as a person.

Then of course there are a few fittings during the production, alterations – everything to make it work perfectly. All this while staying true to our own way of working. Tailoring by hand, natural dyes, antique or leftover fabric. The things that make Hul le Kes.

This is all quite a bit of work! But definitely worth it.

His custom made stamp has been in our atelier for two years now. It has stamped just over thirty labels so far.

Duncan Laurence certainly hasn’t been our only private customer.

Even though all Hul le Kes items are only produced after an order is placed, private customers always give us a chance to create something that is personal from the start, both from our end and theirs.

Even though Covid got in the way a little bit, and Duncan couldn’t perform his new song Stars, live, the outfit he wore when recording Stars is a perfect example of this.

Wanting to give a wink to the outfit in which he won Eurovision in 2019, Sjaak experimented a lot in search of a matching colour to both Duncan, Stars, and Arcade.

In the end it was painting the fabric that made it work.
Yes, not dyed, painted.
With a brush.

After all, an atelier is an atelier.

We’re open to anyone who needs a custom-made garment. Be it for a gala, a wedding – any special occasion.  Just contact us.


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