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Creativity during Corona

April 17, 2020

At these times creativity is on of the essential parts in our society. During the last weeks we have seen many ways companies are adjusting and renewing their strategies. Spice pr asked Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer how they are handeling the current situation and what it means for their creative process.

What do you read or watch?

Sjaak has started reading a book about Simone de Beauvoir. We have been watching series like ‘Unorthodox’ on Netflix; an absolute recommender! Sebastiaan is reading books about alternative ways of (business) management; about Jainism, Kabbalah and more non Western philosophies.

How do you take care of your mental and physical health?

We love to walk with our dog, Abigail, in Sonsbeek park, here in Arnhem. Besides that we do yoga at home, read a lot and have extended our hobbies.

Did you develop new hobbies for yourself?

Not necessary new ones, but we do take extra attention in our existing hobbies. We spent a lot of time at the Hul le Kes garden, are working at our freshly rebuild home and make some embroideries. Also we are busy with our home made gingerbeers, water kefirs, kombucha’s and baking a sourdough bread every day. To make your own food also saves some walks to the supermarket; no unnecessary luxury during these days…

Does this crisis have influence on your creative proces?

This crisis confirms to us we do not want to work in the rhythm of the conventional fashion system. We have always had a lot of appreciation towards the small things in live, that appreciation only grows nowadays and it inspires us too. The greediness of the immense conventional fashion system is absolutely not satisfying; specially not now. We have to learn that small and humble are beautiful at itself en contain more intrinsic power; let’s keep it all more humane!

How do you see the future of fashion?

We absolutely hope this crisis will show us all we need to work more local. Climate change and globalization are both to be linked directly to the current crisis. The current situation also show us to appreciate all small and good things in our lives. Fashion will represent other values after this crisis. Fashion companies, and companies in general, will need to think more about the consequences of the current system to our planet and therewith humanity. Local manufacturing, small quantities and with all respect for environment need to be a part of that!

How does your working day look like now?

We wanted to contribute as a company during these days. Therefor we developed fabric face masks at our studio. By doing so we try to make sure as many professional face masks will still be available for those who really need them. Many people are making their own face masks at home, but not everyone is able to do so; for those people we have developed the Hul le Kes face masks. For every face mask we sell online we give one away to the local food bank volunteers. The food bank is very happy with the face masks; they make sure their volunteers can keep on doing their good work.

Interview by Spice PR, Photo’s by Scott van Kampen Wieling


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