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Christmas gift Schipper Bosch with Dana Dijkgraaf

December 23, 2022

For project developer Schipper Bosch we made a scarf in collaboration with Dana Dijkgraaf Design and DIED. The scarf is a nod to a protest sign. It’s a ‘warm protest’ against Climate Change and the effects of global warming. The scarfs are a Christmas gift with a social message for the employees and business relations of Schipper Bosch.

At Hul le Kes we like to work with existing materials as much as possible, instead of using new resources for our designs. All the scarfs are made from upcycled sheets, moltons, tablecloths and curtains from recycling companies Sympany and 2Switch. Each scarf is made in our in-house Manufacturing studio and Recovery Studio in Arnhem and has its own personal touch.

Dana Dijkgraaf Design, an award-winning Graphic Design studio from Arnhem, designed the print for the scarf. With her love for form and colors, she came up with different designs that sparkle and visualize the protest story well. The prints are a colorful reference to handwritten political slogans.

The scarfs have been printed by DIED, in their own silk screen printing factory in Aalten, The Netherlands. DIED is a brand, by fashion designers Diederik Verbakel and Marieke Holthuis, with a passion for craft and prints.

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